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Mariner's Medallion Quilts
Hawley, M'Liss Rae E 1-57120-380-X 14001632
Fabric Silhouettes
Quited Tresures from the family Album
Handley, Louise E 1-57120-347-8 14001414
500 Traditional Quilts
Patterson Bresenhan, Karey ed. E 1-60059-688-6 14001760
Felt IT! Stich IT! Fabulous!
Creative Wearables from Flea Market Findes
Bieber, Katheryn Tidwell E 9781600590672 14001896
ART Quilt Fusion E 14002048
Winning Stitches
Hand Quilting Secrets
Campbell, Elsie M. E 1-57120-225-0 14002125
Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts
Merrill, RaNae E 978-0-89689-653-6 14002396
Color from the heart
Perry, Gai E 9781571200716 14000188
Art Quilts Unfolding
50 Years of Innovation
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SAQA E 978-0-7643-5626-1 14002685
Quilting with Japanese Fabrics
Pippen, Kitty E 1-56477-297-7 14000474
Red Wagon Originals
Kimmel, Gerry / Brannock, Linda E 1-56477-012-5 14000612
Wildlife Appliqué my way
Design Aource Book
McLaughlin, Patricia E 14000741
All Buttoned Up
12 Quilts from the Butten Box
Manwaring, Loraine / Nelsen, Susan E 1-56477-706-5 14001253
Blended Quilt Backgrounds
Create Cecondary Patterns
Biddick, Jean E 1-57432-929-4 14001600
Creative Quilt Collection Volume Three
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-855-X 14001381
Quilts in a hurry
Weiss, Rita E 14001729
In the studio with Angela Walters
Machine-Quilting Design Concepts, Add Movement, Contrast, Depth & More
Walters, Angela E 978-1-60705-655-3 14002229
North Carolina Quilts
Fickling Eanes, Ellen und weitere E 0-8078-4234-6 14002360
Quilt Groups Today
Who They Are, Where They Meet, What They Do, and How to Contact Them
American Quilter's Society E 0-89145-999-5 14000009
Artful Log Cabin Quilts
From Inspiration to Art Quilts
Pasquini Masopust, Katie E 978-1-61745-450-9 14002509
The Quilter's Kitchen
Zimmerman, Darlene / Hoffman, Joy E 978-0-73077-701-68 14002643
Quilting with C. Armstrong
30 Quilting Patterns Appliqué Designs 16 Projects
Armstrong, Carol E 1-57120-170-X 14000295
Polka-Dot Kids` Quilts
Van Bockel, Jean E 1-56477-634-4 14000580
Everyday Embellishments
8 Fun Quilts to stich and Embellish
Hawley, M`Liss Rae E 1-56477-479-1 14000965
Freddy & Gwen collaborate agein
Freewheeling Twists an Traditional Quilt Designs
Marston, Gwen / Moran, Freddy E 1-60059-439-5 14001437
Visions -
The art of the quilt
Timby, Deborah Bird E 0-914881-54-X 14001221
Open a Can of Worms
Caffrey, Debbie E 0-9645777-4-7 14001568
Just can't cut it!
Quilts from fabulous fabrics
Mostek, Pamela E 1-56477-449-X 14001349
At The V & A
Knitting and Needlepoint
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-7126-2236-5 14001697
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts
Basic techniques for sewing, appliqué, embreiderym quilting, deying, and printing, plus 150 inspired projects from A to Z
Stewart, Martha E 9780307450586 14001961
Heirloom Machine Sewing for Quilters
Stewart, Susan E ISBN 978-57432-944-5 14002190
Quilting wide open spaces
Madsen, Judi E 978-1-60460-106-0 14002328
Skinny Quilts
15 bed runners, table toppers & wallhangings
Schaefer, Kim E 978-1-60705-439-9 14002474
The Quiltmakers art
Contemporary Quilts and their Makers
Mattera, Joanne ed. E 0-937274-04-6 14000257
Quilting Curves
An Innovative Technique for Machine-Piecing Curves
Pignatelli, Vikki E 0-8442-4249-7 14000402
Prize Country Quilts
Designs Patterns Projects
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth E 0-8487-0444-4 14001189
The Union Quilters
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 0-452-29760-5 14001535
Creative Quilt Collection Volume Two
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-773-1 14001317
Lunch Bags!
25 Handmade Sacks & Wraps to Sew Today
Marson, Amy E 9781607050049 14001929
great Sets
7 Roadmaps To Spectacular Quilts
Craig, Sharyn E 1-57120-224-2 14002158
A Painters Approach to Quilt Design
Newman, Velda E 978-1-56477-119-9 14002582
Cutting up with curves
Schlotzhauer, J. M. E 0-939009-14-5 14000222
Blackwork Embroidery
Design and Technique
Pascoe, Margaret E 0-7134-5146-7 14000365
Watercolor Quilts
Magaret, Pat Maixner / Slusser, Donna Igram E 1-56477-031-1 14000645
Quilts, The State of an Art
Quilt National 1985
Roe, Nancy / Panich, Holly ed. E 0-88740-040-x 14000901
Lullaby Quilts for Babies and Dolls
Boyles, Margaret E 0-696-02381-4 14001157
hexagons made easy
machine techniques for exceptional quilts
Eskridge, Jen E 1-60468-275-2 14001501
Fairfield, Helen E 14001285
Weekend Scrap Quilting
Stauffer, Jeanne / Sandra L. Hatch E 1-59217-064-1 14001633
Meadowbrook Quilts
van Bockel, Jean E 1-56477-493-7 14001415
Amazing Angelina
Blais, Betty E 14001897
Circle Play
Simple Designs for Fabulous Fabrics
Pakusich, Reynola E 1-57120-235-8 14002126
Three-Dimensional Pieced Quilts
Davis, Jodie E 0-8019-8390-8 14002397
Scraps, blocks & quilts
Martin, Judy E 0-929589-01-7 14000189
Patchwork Iowa Quilts and Quilters
Andre Schmeal, Jacqueline E 978-0-87745-865-0 14002668
Red & White
American Redwork Quilts Band I Redwork Petterns Band II
Harding, Deborah E 0-8478-2244-3 14000476
Fine Patchwork & Quilting
Ondori E 0-87040-557-8 14000613
Blended Quilts From in the Beginning
16 Quilts Inspiers by the 1800s
Mc Closkey, Marsha / Yebter, Sharon Evans E 0-9706900-1-0 14000477
The Curved Two-Patch System
A Quilter's Exciting Discovery for Creating Pieces Flowers, Foliage and Other Patterns
Schlotzhauer, Joyce M. E 0-9114440-56-x 14000614
M`Liss Rae Hawley`s fat quarter quilts
Fabric Choices, Easy Piecing & Quilting Ideaas
Hawley, M`Liss Rae E 1-57120-404-0 14000998
Fabric Decupaged Floorcloths - Now-Sew Fun
Highsmith Silver, Ellen E 1-57120-426-1 14001254
8Creative Keepsakes to Stitch and send
Malkowski, Cheryl E 1-57120-528-4 14001601
All about machine arts
Decorative Techniques from A to Z
Griepentrog, Linda Turner E 1-57120-227-7 14001382
Out of the cupboard and onto the bed
Practically Free Quilts from youre Fabric Stash
Ferrier, Beth E 0-9714654-3-6 14001730
Modern Selvage Quilting
Easy-Sew Methods
Nason, Reil E 1-61745-083-9 14001865
My Mother's quits
Designs from the thirtes
Nephew, Sara E 0-943574-47-1 14001995
Spectacular Scraps
A Simple Approach To Stunning Quilts
Hooworth, Judy / Rolfe, Margaret E 1-56477-290-X 14002095
Album Quilts of Ohio's Miami Valley
Cummings, Sue C. E 978-0-8214-1825-3 14002230
The Quilter's Book of Design
Johnston, Ann E 0-8442-2660-2 14002361
Scrap-Basket Surprises
18 Quilts from 2 1/2" Strips
Brackett, Kim E 978-1-56477-890-1 14002510
Color and Cloth
A Quiltmaker's Ultimate Workbook
Coyne Penders, Mary E 978-0-913327-20-4 14002644
Alphabet Soup
Expressive Quilts with Folk-Art Charm
Johnson, Tammy / Shirer, Avis E 1-56477-621-2 14000581
Two-Block Applique Quilts
Olson, Claudia E 1-56477-574-7 14001438
Quilts in the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright
Robinson, Jackie E 1-885156-13-8 14001222
Four Favorite Quilts
Step-by-Step Instructions for Countra Cottage Curtains
Barron, Maudine J. E 14001569
Simply Amazing Quilted Photograhy
Learn Everything You Need to Transform Fabric into Photograghs
Bowser, Tammie E 1-887467-60-2 14001350
Glorious Inspiration
Kaffe Fassett's Needlepoint Source Book
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-7126-4799-6 14001698
A Family Gathering
Downs, Anni E 14002191
Mindful Meandering
132 Original Continuous-Line Quilting Designs
Fritz, Laura Lee E 978-1-57120-507-0 14002329
African Printed Textile Designs
Horn, Diane V. E 0-88045-135-1 14002475
Quilting and patchwork project book
Guerrier, Katherine E 0-8317-6740-5 14000117
Always There:
The African-American Presence in Americna Quilts
Benberry, Cuesta E 1-880-584-02-6 14000259
The magical effects of color
Wolfrom, Joen E 0-914881-53-1 14000403
Fusing fabric
creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron
Beal, Margaret E 0-7134-8956-1 14000548
My FavoriteFelt Sweets
106 mouth-watering Felt replicas
Mieko Baba ed. E 4-88996-232-8 14001190
The Winding Ways Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 1-416-53315-X 14001536
Great American Quilts Book Two
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1401-6 14001318
Sherley Botsford's Daddy's Ties
Quilts, Keepsakes & Projects To Make From Ties
Botsford, Shirley E 0-8019-8521-8 14001666
Sweet Nostalgia
Milne, Hollie Ann E 14001930
Flying Colors
Design Quilts with Freeform Shapes & Flying Geese
Garber, Gail E ISBN 978-1-57120-818-7 14002159
A Fine Finish
New Bindings for Award-Winning Quilts
Mazuran, Cody E 978-1-56477-160-1 14002583
Quilting,Patchwork,Applique, and Trapunto
Newman, Thelmar R. E 0-517-51611x 14000223
The Nine Patch
14 Paterns for Beautiful Classic Quilts
Meunier, Christiane E 1-885588-21-6 14000902
Quiltmaking for your home
Gonin,Eileen / Newton, Jill E 0-7064-0349-5 14001158
The Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts
Celebrating 100 years of the art of quiltmaking
Leman Austin, Mary E 14001634
Curl-Up quilts
Flannel Appliqué & More from Piece O'Cake Designs
Goldsmith, Becky / Jenkins, Linda E 1-57120-264-1 14001416
Charm Quilts With Style
Aug, Bobbie A. / Newman, Sharon E 1-57432-751-8 14001762
Indygo Junction's Needle Felting
22 Stylish Projects for Home & Fashion
Brickmann, Amy E 978-1-57120-379-3 14001898
Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces
Bowles, Debbie E 1-57432-757-7 14002127
Quick-and-easy strip quilting
Rose, Helen Whitson E 9780486260181 14000044