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Calico and Beyond
The Use of Patterned Fabric in Quilts
Horton, Roberta E 0914881-03-5 14001807
Felt, Fiber, and Stone
Creative Jewelry Designs and Techniques
O'Brien, Suzanne E 9780764336683 14001940
150 blocks for baby quilts
Briscoe, Susan E ISBN 978-1-57120-430-1 14002169
Secrets of Reverse Applique
Hints and Techniques from a prize-winning quilter
Holbrook Jevne, Agnes E 0-88195-652-X 14002304
Fine hand quilting
Leone, Diana E 9780873418355 14000192
Amish Quilts
Das Geheimnis ihrer Farben - Ein Arbeitsbuch
Horton, Roberta E 1-57120-005-3 14002593
First Prize Quilts
50 award-winning designs by Amarica's favorite quilt makers
Makris, Dimetra E 0-671-46938-x 14000616
Treasury of American Quilts
Nelson, Cyril I. / Houck, Carter E 0-517-448610 14000744
Garden Club Quilts
Etherington, Mary / Tesene, Conny E 1-57486-251-0 14001513
LeMoynne Stars Made Easy
Craig, Sharyn Squier E 1-885588-19-4 14001644
Art Quilts, Vol. 2
Sielmann, Martha E ISBN 978-1-60059-599-8 14002137
Free stuff for Quilters on the Internet
Heim, J. / Hansen, G. E 9781571200549 14000012
Batik Beauties
18 stunning Quilts
Shifrin, Laurie J. E 1-56477-382-5 14002408
2002 Mastermieces
Gallery of Quilt Art E 14002559
The Signature Quilt
Traditionsm Techniques and The Signatur Block Collection
Cory, Pepper / McKelvey, Susan E 1-881588-14-9 14000440
Log Cabin Quilts
A Brand New Story
Murphy, Karen E 1-56477-588-7 14000583
Spring & Summer
Mumm, Debbie E 14000968
Old-Fashioned Appliqué Quilt Designs
Johnston, Susan E 0-486-24845-3 14001224
Adventures in Circles
Quilt Designs from Start to Finish
McDonald, Liegh E. E 1-56477-802-9 14001352
Fiberarts Design Book 5
Batchelder, Ann / Orban, Nancy E 0-937274-86-0 14001740
Quiling with My Sister
15 Projects ti Celebrate Women's Lives
Brandeburg, Barbara / Christopherson, Teri E 1-56477-530-5 14001876
design Art Deco quilts
Linn, Don E ISBN 9781-571-20851-4 14002006
Angels Among Us
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002105
Quilts 1700-2010
Hidden Histories, Untold Stories
Prichard, Sue E 978-1-85177-608-5 14002240
Template-Free Quiltmaking
Book One
Hughes, Trudie E 0-943574-37-4 14002376
Trapunto by machine
Walner, Hari E 9781571200068 14000119
Tabletop Quilts
34 Quck Designs for Every Season & Skill Level
Fons, Marianne / Porter, Liz E 978-1-60900-109-4 14002520
55 famous Quilts
from the Shelburne Museum in Full Coloer
Oliver, Celia Y. E 0-486-26474-2 14000261
Collecting Quilts
Showcase Quilts, starting your collection, complete instructions for 5 heirloom quilts
Grieve, Narelle E 977-1-32722-500-1 14002650
Needles & Notions
Paper-Pieced Patterns with a Sewing Room Theme
Huff, Jaynette E 1-56477-289-6 14000405
Art quilts
a celebration ; 400 stunning contemporary designs ; [compilation of quilts from the biannual Quilt National exhibitions of 1995 - 2003
Shaw, Robert E 1-57990-711-3 14000550
A people and their quilts
Irwin, John Rice E 0-88740-024-8 14000680
Favorite Applique Patterns I
Benner Cheryl A. / Pellman, Rachel T. E 1-56148-073-8 14000936
Pieced Curves So Simple
The 6-Minute Circle and Other Timesaving Delights
Fleming, Dale E 1-57120-293-5 14001064
New Directions in Chenille
Holmberg, Nanette E 1-56477-275-6 14001448
Great American Quilts Book Four
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1526-8 14001320
Little Patchwork Things
Donahue, Nancy E 0-933165-00-5 14001579
Denton, Susan / Macey, Barbara E 0-670-90126-1 14001708
To Scotland with Love
Griffin, Patience E 0-451-46829-5 14001843
Dimensional MACHINE embroidery
Jones, Deborah E ISBN 978-1-4402-0397-8 14002202
Cookies `n` Quilts
Recipes & Patterns for America`s Ultimate Comforts
Martin, Judy E 0-929585-08-4 14002340
Crazy quilt patchwork
Haywood, Dixie E 0-486-25042-3 14000084
Crazy Quilting
Aller, Allie E 978-1-60705-173-2 14002489
Dye painting!
Johnston, Ann E 0-89145-803-4 14000226
Appliqué in bloom
Swain, Gabrielle E 1-56477-076-1 14000518
The Quiltmaker's Art
Mattera, Joanne E 0-937274-07-6 14000649
make a Quilt in a Day, log cabin pattern
Burns, Eleanor E 0-922705-98-4 14000905
The Country Love Quilt
also The Country Bouquet Quilt
Benner, Cheryl / Pellman, Rachel E 0-934672-65-2 14001161
Patchwork and Appliqué Patterns
Nel, Martini / Laurie, Via E 0-7981-2232-3 14001289
A workshop with Velda Newman
adding dimensiond to your quilts
Newman, Velda E 1-57120-185-8 14001419
Square Dance
Fancy Quilts from, Plain Squares
Thompson, Martha E 1-56477-586-0 14001677
Basket Garden
Hickey, Mary E 0-943574-61-7 14001808
Piecemakers Country Store
Piecemakers E 14001941
Quilts for Babies & Kids
House of White Birches E 1-57486-345-2 14002170
Happy Trails
Variations on the Classic Drunkard`s Path Pattern
Cory, Pepper E 0-914881-43-4 14002305
Handmade quilts
Dietrich, Mimi E 0-943574-67-6 14000047
Shifting Perspectives
Torrence, Lorraine E 1-57120-337-0 14002594
Fabulous quilts from favorite patterns
from Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine
Sokltys, Karan Costello ed. E 1-56477-468-6 14000336
Successful Scrap Quilts
From Simple Rectangels
Turner, Judy / Rolfe, Margeret E 1-56477-386-8 14000480
Best Selling Bazaar Patchwork
Abrelat, Barbara H. E 0-8487-1092-4 14000617
Stitched from the Soul,
Slave Quilts from the Ante-Bellum South
Fry, Gladys-Marie E 0-525-48535-x 14000745
Simple Stenciling Dramatic Quilts
Stallebrass, Pamela E 1-57120-325-7 14001001
Machine Embroidery Stiched Patterns
Campbell-Haring, Valerie E 0-7134-8908-1 14001514
Petal Play the traditional Way
Shay, Joan E 1-57432-770-4 14001385
Rowan Patchwork And Quilting, Book No. 4
Fasset, Kaffe / Horten, Roberta / Mashuta, Mary E 0-9540949-6-4 14001645
Log Cabin Restructured
23 Log Cabin Quilt Projects
Kuroha, Shizuko E 9781-4402-4155-0 14001773
the best of Quilting Arts
Art Quilt Techniques & Inspiration
Bolton, Pokey E ISBN 978-1-59668-399-0 14002138
Fine Art Quilts
Contemorary Quilt Art Association E 1-56477-193-8 14002273
Designing Quilts
The value of value
Tessier Hammond, Suzanne E 978-1-56477-064-6 14002409
Crafting Christmas Gifts
Over 25 adorable projects featuring angels, snowmen
Finnanger, Tone E 978-0-7153-2550-6 14002562
The Second Quiltmaker`s handbook
Creative Approaches to Contemporary Design
James, Michael E 0-13-797787-5 14000300
Lines by Design Quilts
17 Projects Featuring the Innovative Designs of Esch House Quilts
Grifika, Debbie E 978-1-4402-4397-4 14002067
Convergence Quilts
Mysterious, Magical Easy, and Fun
Tims, Ricky E 1-57120-217-X 14000441
40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts
Sloppy, Evelyn E 1-56477-547-X 14000584
Harmonies & Hurricanes
Color and Line in Japanese Quilts
Sudo, Kumiko E 0-8442-2661-0 14000713
Country Calendar
Mumm, Debbie E 14000969
Deck the halls
Smith, Nancy J. / Milligan, Lynda S. E 0-9622477-1-5 14001225
Baltimore Beauties and Beyond
Studies in Classic Album Quilts Appliqué
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 0-914881-23-x 14001353
Portrait Quilts
Paintted Faces You Can DO
McCaffery, Bonnie Lyn E 0-9766934-37 14001612
The Quilters' Guild Collection
Contemporary Quilts - Heritage Inspiration
Long, Bridget E 0-89689-185-2 14001741
Star OF Wonder
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002106
Simply Successful Appliqué
Foolproof Techniques for Hand & Machine
Sullivan, Jeanne E 978-1-60705-480-1 14002241
The Boston Commons Quilt
Young, Blanche / Young, Helen E 14002377
Kentucky Quilts 1800 - 1900
The Kentucky Quilt Project E 1-880584-03-4 14000263
Quilts - An American Legacy
Dietrich, Mimi E 978-1-56477-167-4 14002651
A Painter's Approach to Quilt Design
with Christine Barnes
Newman, Velda E 1-56477-119-9 14000406
Landscape in Contemporary Quilts
Berlyn, Ineke E 0-7134-8974-X 14000551
A Design System For Quiltmakers
McDowell, Ruth E 0-914881-78-7 14000681
Favorite Applique Patterns II
Benner Cheryl A. / Pellman, Rachel T. E 1-56148-074-6 14000937
East Quilts West
Sudo, Kumiko E 0-8442-2637-8 14001449
Great American Quilts Book Five
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1617-5 14001321
Quilts Galore!
Quiltmaking Styles and Techniques
McClun, Diana / Nownes, Laura E 0-913327-21-2 14001709
Windy City Bags
12 Handbags and Totes sewm with structure ans style
Lawson, Sara E 1-60468-599-9 14001844
365 Quilting Designs
Free Motion
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Day, Leah E 9781617455322 14001974
Color Elegant Design To Stitch
Haigh, Janet E 1-931499-85-3 14002203
easy grid quilts
Fisher, Karen G. E 978-1-60460-013-1 14002341
Pieced roman shades
Turn Your Favorite Quilt Pettern into Window Hangings
Sundermann, Terell E 9781571200945 14000227
Visions: quilt, layers of excellence
Graves, Stevii Thompson ed. E 0-914881-82-5 14000650
Country House Quilts
Jensen, Lynette E 14000906
Award Winning Quilts
The History and How-To of Old Quilts and New Patterns
Pforr, Effie Chalmers E 14001162