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Inspirations in Multi-Block Quilts
Cory, Pepper E 0-914881-26-4 14002279
Picture This
A Gallery of Fusible Appliqué Projects fpr Quilting and Framein
Wells, J. & Anderson, M. E 0-914881-31-0 14000610
Appliqué 12 Easy Ways!
Charming quilts, Gitable Pojects & Timeless Techiques
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 0-914881-42-6 14000683
Happy Trails
Variations on the Classic Drunkard`s Path Pattern
Cory, Pepper E 0-914881-43-4 14002305
Isometric Perspective
From Baby Blocks to Dimensional Design in Quilts
Pasquini-Masopust, Katie E 0-914881-46-9 14001206
Story Quilts
Telling Your Tale in Fabric
Mashuta, Mary E 0-914881-47-7 14001060
The magical effects of color
Wolfrom, Joen E 0-914881-53-1 14000403
Visions -
The art of the quilt
Timby, Deborah Bird E 0-914881-54-X 14001221
Dimensional Appliqué
Baskets, Blooms & Baltimore Borders
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 0-914881-58-2 14001275
Montano, Judith Baker E 0-914881-59-0 14000139
Quilts, Quilts und noch mehr Quilts!
McClun, Diana / Nownes, Laura D 0-914881-67-1 14001561
Pattern play
creating your own quilts
Speckmann, Doreen E 0-914881-70-1 14000673
14,287 Pieces of Fabric an Other Poems
Laury, Jean Ray E 0-914881-75-2 14000001
A Design System For Quiltmakers
McDowell, Ruth E 0-914881-78-7 14000681
Visions: quilt, layers of excellence
Graves, Stevii Thompson ed. E 0-914881-82-5 14000650
Nifty Neckwear
Avery, Virginia E 0-914881-84-1 14000768
Elegant stitches
Montano, Judith Baker E 0-914881-85-X 14000041
Colors Changing Hue
Porcella, Yvonne E 0-914881-86-8 14000695
Quilts for Fabric Lovers
Anderson, Alex E 0-914881-87-6 14002600
Dating Quilts
From 1600 to the Present
Kelley, Helen E 0-914881-95-7 14001170
Mariner`s Compass quilts
New Directions
Mathieson, Judy E 0-914881-97-3 14000064
Schoolhouse Appliqué
Patera, Charlotte E 0-914881-99-X 14000763
Folk Quilts And How To Recreate Them
Wiss, Audrey / Wiss, Douglas E 0-915590-34-4 14000648
Forget me not
Kolter, Jane Bastley E 0-915590-67-0 14000140
The joy of quilting
Swim, Laurie E 0-915590-92-1 14000150
The Quilt:
new directions for an American traditio
Quilt National E 0-916838-92-7 14000236
Schoolhouse Wallhanging
Burns, Eleanor E 0-922705-02-X 14000904
TRIO of Treasured Quilts
From the Quilt in a Day Series
Burns, Eleanor E 0-922705-18-6 14001172
Sunbonnet Sue
Visits Quilt in a Day
Burns, Eleanor E 0-922705-38-0 14000973
Lover's Knot Placemats
Martin, Cynthia E 0-922705-45-3 14000903
Bits & Pieces Quilt
Dease, Anne E 0-922705-48-8 14001406
make a Quilt in a Day, log cabin pattern
Burns, Eleanor E 0-922705-98-4 14000905
Quilt Block Party
Series #1
Burns, Eleanor E 0-922725-30-5 14000652
Cookies `n` Quilts
Recipes & Patterns for America`s Ultimate Comforts
Martin, Judy E 0-929585-08-4 14002340
Scraps, blocks & quilts
Martin, Judy E 0-929589-01-7 14000189
The Creative Pattern Book
Martin, Judy E 0-929589-06-8 14001412
Even More Well connected # 4 3/4
Hopkins, Mary Ellen E 0-929950-20-8 14001564
Baker's Dozen Doubeld 2
Hopkins, Mary Ellen E 0-929959-00-3 14001989
Color for Quilters
McKelvey, Susan Richardson E 0-932946-16-x 14000411
Little Patchwork Things
Donahue, Nancy E 0-933165-00-5 14001579
The Quick Quiltmaking Handbook
Johannah, Barbara E 0-934342-02-4 14000364
Half Square Triangles
Exploring Designs
Johannah, Barbara E 0-934342-04-0 14001245
Mennonite Quilts and Pieces
Schroeder Tomlonson, J. E 0-93462-27-x 14000700
The World of Amish Quilts
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Pellman, Rachel / Pellman, Kenneth E 0-934672-22-9 14000199
Making Animal Quilts
Paterns and Projects
Soltow, Willow Ann E 0-934672-39-3 14000380
The Country Love Quilt
also The Country Bouquet Quilt
Benner, Cheryl / Pellman, Rachel E 0-934672-65-2 14001161
Decorate Arts of the Amish of Lancaster County
McCauley, Daniel / McCauley, Kathryn E 0-934672-69-5 14001057
The Country Bride Quilt
Heisey, Craig N. / Pellman, Rachel T. E 0-934672-72-5 14000935
A Colorful Book
Porcella, Yvonne E 0-936589-00-0 14000752
The Quiltmakers art
Contemporary Quilts and their Makers
Mattera, Joanne ed. E 0-937274-04-6 14000257
The Fiberarts Design Book II
From the Staff of Fiberats Magazine
Hutchins, Jeane E 0-937274-07-0 14000817
The Quiltmaker's Art
Mattera, Joanne E 0-937274-07-6 14000649
Fiberarts Design Book Four
Orban, Nancy E 0-937274-56-9 14001848
Fiberarts Design Book Three
Mathews, Kate E 0-937274-61-5 14001847
Contemporary Designs in Fabric
Quilt National E 0-937274-85-2 14001744
Fiberarts Design Book 5
Batchelder, Ann / Orban, Nancy E 0-937274-86-0 14001740
Cutting up with curves
Schlotzhauer, J. M. E 0-939009-14-5 14000222
Patchwork Portfolio
A Presentation of 165 Orginal Quilt Designs
Beyer, Jinny E 0-939009-17-x 14000620
Clues in the Calico
A Guide to Identifying and Dating Antique Quilts
Brackman, Barbara englisch 0-939009-27-7 14001983
Mother plays with dolls
... and finds an important key to unlocking creativity
Bailey, Eleanor Peace E 0-939009-39-0 14000490
Mother plays with dolls
Bailey, Elinor Peace E 0-939009-39-0 14000035
Southern quilts
a new view
Ramsey, Bets / Trechsel, Gail Andrews E 0-939009-52-8 14000771
Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women who made them
Finley, Ruth E. E 0-939009-68-4 14002670
Festhered Star Sampler
McCloskey, Marsha E 0-94-35-74-34-x 14001993
quick-method Quilts
Leisure Arts Pubblication E 0-942237-54-4 14001441
The new quilt
: Dairy Barn Quilt National
Fletcher, Hilary Morrow E 0-942391-99-3 14000760
The New Sampler Quilt
Leone, Diana E 0-942786-41-6 14000625
How to improve your quilting stitch
Simms, Ami E 0-943079-00-4 14000344
Every trick in the book
Over 500 Tricks, Tips, and Tidbits for Quilters
Simms, Ami E 0-943079-02-0 14001258
The Stencil Patch
Martin, Nancy J. E 0-943574-24-2 14001235
A Quilter's Christmas
Johanson Twelker, N. E 0-943574-26-9 14000608
Christmas Quilts
McCloskey, Marsha E 0-943574-33-1 14001227
Branching Out Tree Quilts
Palmer, Carolann e 0-943574-36-6 14001236
Template-Free Quiltmaking
Book One
Hughes, Trudie E 0-943574-37-4 14002376
Pieces of the past
featuring quilt designs by Marsha McCloskey
Martin, Nancy J / McCloskey, Marsha E 0-943574-38-2 14000676
Quilts from a Different Angle
Nephew, Sara E 0-943574-40-4 14002306
My Mother's quits
Designs from the thirtes
Nephew, Sara E 0-943574-47-1 14001995
Baby quilts from grandma
Palmer, Carolann M. E 0-943574-48-x 14000143
Vibert, Joan E 0-943574-57-4 14000611
Ocean Waves
Martin, Nancy J. / McCloskey, Marsha E 0-943574-58-7 14002603
Pinapple Passion
Smith, Nancy / Milligan, Lynda E 0-943574-60-9 14001823
Basket Garden
Hickey, Mary E 0-943574-61-7 14001808
Template-Free Quilts and Borders
Hughes, Trudie E 0-943574-64-1 14001247
Handmade quilts
Dietrich, Mimi E 0-943574-67-6 14000047
Folded Fabric Fun
Easy Folded Ornaments, Potholders, Pilows, Purses, Totes, and More
Elizabeth, Laura E 0-943574-69-2 14000690
Scrap Happy
Quick-Pieced Scrap Quilts
Schneider, Sally E 0-943574-73-0 14001658
Blockbuster quilts
Miller, Margaret J E 0-943574-75-7 14000687
Angle Antics
Hickey, Mary E 0-943574-76-5 14000682
Calendar Quilts
Hanson, Joan E 0-943574-77-3 14000635
Home for Christmas
Martin, Nancy. J. / Stanley, Sharon E 0-943574-78-1 14000697
Rotary Riot - 40 Fast And Fabulous Quilts
Hopkins, Judy / Martin, Nancy J. E 0-943574-86-2 14001573
Nifty Ninepatches
Palmer, Carolann M. E 0-943574-95-1 14001220
Shortcuts I
Rationelles Patchwork mit dem Rollschneider
Thomas, Donna Lynn D 0-943574-96-X 14000678
Painless Borders
Piece the border while you piece the quilt!
Schneider, Sally E 0-943574-98-6 14001118
QUILTS: vision of the world
Leman, Bonnie E 0-943721-00-9 14000170
Family Keepsake Quilts
Capturin Treasurs Memories in Cloth
Ritter, Vivian Howell E 0-943721-08-3 14001055
The Quilter`s How- to Dictionary
Shirer, Marie E 0-943721-09-1 14000267
Log Cabin Quilts
New Editon
Leman, Bonnie / Martin, Judy E 0-943721-11-3 14000443
Michigan Quilts
MacDowell, Marsha, Fitzgerald, Ruth D. E 0-944311-01-6 14002560
Neue Ideen zum Streifen-Quilten
Einfache Steifentechnik aus Design - einheiten mit dem Starmerker Linealen
Wood, Kaye D 0-944588-29-8 14001553