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Amish Quilts
Das Geheimnis ihrer Farben - Ein Arbeitsbuch
Horton, Roberta E 1-57120-005-3 14002593
Stripes In Quilts
Mashuta, Mary E 1-57120-008-8 14001694
Small Scale Quiltmaking
Precision, Proportion, and Detail
Collins, Sally E 1-57120-009-6 14000653
Basic Seminole Patchwork
Bradkin, Cheryl Greider D 1-57120-010-X 14000398
Art & Inspiration
McDowell, Ruth B. E 1-57120-015-0 14001211
Fractured Landscape Quilts
Pasquini Masopust, Katie E 1-57120-016-9 14000418
Crazy With Cotton
Piecing Together Memories & Themes
Leone, Diana E 1-57120-017-7 14001767
Visions: Quilts Art
Rogers, Janet Ed. E 1-57120-021-5 14002041
On the Surface
Thread Embellishment & Farbic Manipulation
Hill, Wendy E 1-57120-032-0 14000665
Six color world
Color Cloth Quilts & Wearables
Porcella, Yvonne E 1-57120-035-5 14000527
Expanding the Basics
McDowell, Ruth B. E 1-57120-041-X 14001380
Exploring Machine Trapunto
Walner, Hari E 1-57120-043-6 14000641
Baltimore Album Legacy
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 1-57120-046-0 14000003
Art & Inspiration
Porcella, Yvonne E 1-57120-050-9 14001706
Easy Pieces
Creative Color Play with Tow Simple Quilt Blocks
Miller, Margaret J. E 1-57120-051-7 14000671
Curves in Motion
Quilt Designs & Techniques
Dales, Judy B. E 1-57120-052-5 14000698
Fancy Appliqué
12 Lesons to Enhance Your Skills
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 1-57120-062-2 14000516
The Photo Transfer Handbook
Snap It! Print It! Stitch It
Laury, Jean E 1-57120-064-9 14000688
Free Stuff for Sewing on the Internet
Heim, Judy / Hansen, Gloria E 1-57120-073-8 14000573
Free Stuff for Quilters on the Internet (2nd Editi
Heim, Judy / Hansen, Goria E 1-57120-081-9 14000572
Fabric Shopping
Seven Projects to Help You
Anderson, Alex E 1-57120-089-4 14001336
10 Projects to Celebrate the Seasons
Phalen, Diane E 1-57120-106-8 14000270
Along the Garden Path
More Quilters and Their Gardens
Wells, Jean / Well, Valori E 1-57120-118-1 14001527
Come Listen To My Quilts
Playfuk Projects - mix & Match Design
Becker, Kristina E 1-57120-129-7 14001765
Garden-inspired quilts
Design Journals for 12 Quilt Pojects
Wells, Jean / Wells, Valori E 1-57120-131-9 14000509
Create your own Quilt Labels
Churbuck, Kim E 1-57120-133-5 14002084
The best of Baltimore Beauties Part II
More Patterns for Album Blocks
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 1-57120-149-1 14000459
Snowflakes & Quilts
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Nadelstern, Paula englisch 1-57120-155-6 14001218
Shadow Redwork
24 Designs to Mix and Match
Anderson, Alex E 1-57120-156-4 14001277
Magical Four-Patch and Nine-Patch Quilts
Porcella, Yvonne E 1-57120-157-2 14002399
Laurel Burch Quilts Kindred Creatures
Burch, Laurel E 1-57120-160-2 14001616
Machine Emboroidery and More
10 Step-by-Step Projects Using Border Fabvrics and Beads
Dibbs, Kristen E 1-57120-162-9 14001827
Quilted memories
Celebrations of Life
Weidman, Mary Lou E 1-57120-166-1 14000523
Start quilting
Six Projects for First-Time Quilters
Anderson, Alex E 1-57120-167-X 14000272
Quilting with C. Armstrong
30 Quilting Patterns Appliqué Designs 16 Projects
Armstrong, Carol E 1-57120-170-X 14000295
205 Continuous-Line Quilting Designs
for Hand, Machine & Long-Arm Quilters
Fritz, Laura Lee E 1-57120-171-8 14000327
Framed Quilts
Fast, Fun & Easy Projects
Perry, Gai E 1-57120-174-2 14002086
Elm Creek Quilts
Projects Inspired by the Elm Creek Quilts Novels
Chiaverini, Jennifer / Odom, Nancy E 1-57120-177-7 14000546
Hidden Block Quilts
Nevaril, Lerlene E 1-57120-179-3 14001366
A workshop with Velda Newman
adding dimensiond to your quilts
Newman, Velda E 1-57120-185-8 14001419
Luscious Landscapes
Simple Techniques for Dynamic Quilts
Becker, Joyce R. E 1-57120-194-7 14002135
Reverse Appliqué with no brakez
Mullen, Jan E 1-57120-200-5 14001421
Moon Baby
A Quilt to Make a Story to Read
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 1-57120-209-9 14002154
Plentiful Possibilities
A Timeless Treasury Of 16 Terrific Quilts
Milligan, Lynda / Smith, Nancy E 1-57120-214-5 14002153
Convergence Quilts
Mysterious, Magical Easy, and Fun
Tims, Ricky E 1-57120-217-X 14000441
great Sets
7 Roadmaps To Spectacular Quilts
Craig, Sharyn E 1-57120-224-2 14002158
Winning Stitches
Hand Quilting Secrets
Campbell, Elsie M. E 1-57120-225-0 14002125
All about machine arts
Decorative Techniques from A to Z
Griepentrog, Linda Turner E 1-57120-227-7 14001382
Foolproof Curves
Quilts with Bias Strips & Continuous Paper Piecing
Barber, Barbara E 1-57120-228-5 14002124
Appliqué Delights
100 irresistible blocks from Piece O' Cake Designs
Goldsmith, Becky / Jenkins, Linda E 1-57120-229-3 14001377
Borders ,Bindings & Edges
The Art of Finishing Your Quilt
Collins, Sally E 1-57120-233-1 14001307
Circle Play
Simple Designs for Fabulous Fabrics
Pakusich, Reynola E 1-57120-235-8 14002126
Thinking outside the Block
Step by Step to Dynamic Quilts
Cummings, Sandi E 1-57120-238-2 14001439
Fabric Bowls
Fast, fun & easy
Johansen, Linda E 1-57120-239-0 14002387
Diamond Quilts & beyond
From The Basics To Dazzling Designs
Krentz, Jan E 1-57120-240-4 14002142
Curl-Up quilts
Flannel Appliqué & More from Piece O'Cake Designs
Goldsmith, Becky / Jenkins, Linda E 1-57120-264-1 14001416
Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter
Improve any Quilt with Easy-to-Follow Lessons
Masopust, Katie Pasquini / Barker, Brett E 1-57120-272-2 14000511
Phenomenal fat quarter quilts
Hawley, M'Liss Rae E 1-57120-277-3 14002165
Fabric Journey
An Inside Look at the Quilts of
McDowell, Ruth B. E 1-57120-279-X 14002217
Simply Sensational 9-Patch-Stars
Mix & Match Units to Create a Galaxy of Paper-Pieced Stars
Doak, Carol E 1-57120-284-6 14002160
Get Creative! with M'Liss Rae Hawley
A Beginnrs's Guide to Color & and Design for Quilters
Hawley, M'Liss Rae E 1-57120-286-2 14001680
Fusing Fun!
Fars Fearless Art Quilts
Wasilowski, Laura E 1-57120-289-7 14001596
Pieced Curves So Simple
The 6-Minute Circle and Other Timesaving Delights
Fleming, Dale E 1-57120-293-5 14001064
Angle Play Blocks
Simple Half-Rectangle Triangels, 84 No-Math Quilt Blocks, Easy-to-Followe Charts
Miller, Margaret J. E 1-57120-294-3 14001208
Coloring With Thread
A No-Drawing Approach to Free-Motion Embroiderey
Fahl, Ann E 1-57120-296-X 14002129
Simple Stenciling Dramatic Quilts
Stallebrass, Pamela E 1-57120-325-7 14001001
French Braid Quilts
14 Quick Quilts with Dramatic Resultes
Miller, Jane Hardy E 1-57120-326-5 14001682
Creative Beginnings in Machine Embroidery
Albin, Patty E 1-57120-327-3 14001355
dimensional Delights
20 Folding Fabric Screens to Personalize, Embellish + Display
Aneloski, Liz E 1-57120-333-8 14002141
Amish-Inspired Quilts
Tradition with a Piece O`Cake Twist
Goldsmith, Becky / Jenkins, Linda E 1-57120-334-6 14002097
Shifting Perspectives
Torrence, Lorraine E 1-57120-337-0 14002594
Free & Eazy Circles
Magic Ballz & Other Foundation Follies
Mullen, Jan E 1-57120-346-X 14001411
Fabric Silhouettes
Quited Tresures from the family Album
Handley, Louise E 1-57120-347-8 14001414
The Experts' Guide to Foundation Piecing
15 Techniques & Projects
Hall, Jane E 1-57120-362-1 14001214
Luminous Landscapes
Loughman, Gloria E 1-57120-366-4 14000830
Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way
Martin, Peggy E 1-57120-368-0 14000827
Mariner's Medallion Quilts
Hawley, M'Liss Rae E 1-57120-380-X 14001632
fast, fun & easy book cover art
Finch, Jake E 1-57120-393-1 14000829
A New Twist on Strips'n Curves
Featuring Swirl, Half Clamshall, Fee-Form Curves & Strips 'n Circles
Smith, Louisa L. E 1-57120-396-6 14000831
Fast, Fun & Easy - Needle Felting
Farris, Lynne englisch 1-57120-397-4 14001384
Visual Coloring
Wolfrom, Joen E 1-57120-398-2 14000832
Fun with folded fabric boxes
All NO-Sew Projects, Fat Quater Friendly Elegance in Minutes
Mills, Chrystal / Tubis, Arnold E 1-57120-399-0 14000999
A Cozy Quilted Christmas
Schaefer, Kim E 1-57120-403-2 14000890
M`Liss Rae Hawley`s fat quarter quilts
Fabric Choices, Easy Piecing & Quilting Ideaas
Hawley, M`Liss Rae E 1-57120-404-0 14000998
Fun for Kids, Patchwork, Gifts & More
Milligan, Lynda / Smith, Nacy, J. E 1-57120-410-5 14001465
It's okay if you sit on my quilt book
Hopkins, Mary Ellen E 1-57120-411-3 14000390
blendable curves
Stack, Slice & Sew Unique Quilts in a Weekend
Barkle, Peggy J. E 1-57120-425-3 14001410
Fabric Decupaged Floorcloths - Now-Sew Fun
Highsmith Silver, Ellen E 1-57120-426-1 14001254
Altered Photo Artistry
Turn Everyday Images into Works of Art on Fabric
Wheller, Beth / Marquette, Lori E 1-57120-440-7 14001608
Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts
Inspiring, Amazing - Create your Own!
Tims, Ricky E 1-57120-456-3 14001213
big one-star quilts by magic
Johnson-Srebro, Nancy E 1-57120-461-X 14001394
One-Block Wonders encore!
New Shapes, Multiple Fabrics, Out-of-this-World Quilts
Rosenthal, Maxine / Pelzmann, Joy E 1-57120-464-4 14001270
Foolproof Machine Quilting
Mashuta, Mary E 1-57120-509-8 14001768
8Creative Keepsakes to Stitch and send
Malkowski, Cheryl E 1-57120-528-4 14001601
A New Light On Storm At The Sea Quilts
One Block - An Ocean of Design Possibilities
Mathson, Wendy E 1-57120-578-0 14001624
Cozy modern quilts
Schaefer, Kim E 1-57120-622-1 14001351
Secrets of Digital Quilting - From Camera to Quilt
Smith, Laura Schwarz / Smith, Kerby C. E 1-57120-659-0 14001602
One-Block Wonders Cubed!
Rosenthal, Maxine &/Pelzmann, Joy E 1-57120-834-8 14001345
Country Woodworks
Basinger, Denise / Koller, Diana, Baer, Shirley E 1-57421-054-8 14001110
Hooked on Hankies
Sinema, Laurene / Carruth, Janet E 1-57421-551-5 14001305