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Connected cloth
Creating collaborative textile projects
Holmes, Cas / Kelly, Anne E 1-84994-043-6 14001522
Connecting Art to Stitch
Meech, Sandra E 978-1-906388-10-2 14002224
Connecting Design to Stitch
Meech, Sandra E 978-1-84994-024-5 14002433
Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles
Lintault, M. Joan E 9780964120143 14001928
Contain It!
English Paper-Pieced Style Accessories
Chaney, Linda / Chaney Gerth, Laura E 978-1-60460-132-9 14002254
Contemporary Quils USA
E 14002609
Contemporary Quilting
Walter, Cindy / Graves, Stevii E 0-87349-749-X 14002587
Contemporary - British Quilt Art
Nelson, Christine E 0-85219-751-9 14001742
Contemporary American Quilts
Theophilus, Linda E 1-870-145-19 14001262
Contemporary Curved Quilts - Curved Piecing using the Quick Curve Ruler
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Pegido, Jenny / Robinson, Helen englisch 978-1935726616 14001871
Contemporary Designs in Fabric
Quilt National E 0-937274-85-2 14001744
Contemporary Patchwork Quilts:
a Stich in Our Time
Major, Connie E 0-8069-7634-9 14001791
Contemporary Quilt
Takahashi, Keiko J 4-574-40027-7 14000724
contemporary QUILT ART
An Introduction and Guide
Lenkowsky, Kate E 0-253-35124-3 14001560
Contemporary quilts
a stunning collection from international designers
Hallas, Barbara E 0-85532-774-X 14000754
Contemporary Quilts
Design, Surface and Stich
Meech, Sandra E 0-7134-8856-5 14002035
Contemporary Quilts From Scandinavia
Yde, Charlotte J/DK 14002311
Contemporary quilts USA
A Cultural #Presentation of the USA
BostenUniversrity E 0-87270-069-0 14000246
Contemporary southwesternquilts
Dillon, M. E. E 9780801979774 14000028
Contemporay Machine Embroidered Quilts
Roche, Eileen E 0-87349-878-X 14002167
Convergence Quilts
Mysterious, Magical Easy, and Fun
Tims, Ricky E 1-57120-217-X 14000441
Conway Album Quilt
Patterns and Techniques for Prize-Winning Appliqué
Hatcher, Irma Gail E 0-89195-479-9 14000971
Cookies `n` Quilts
Recipes & Patterns for America`s Ultimate Comforts
Martin, Judy E 0-929585-08-4 14002340
Cool Girls Quilt
More than 15 Fresh, Fun, and Funky Projects
Lum DeBono, Linda E 1-56477-747-2 14001017
Copy Cat Quilts
Navarro, Dawn E. E 1-56477-781-2 14001395
Cosy Country Decorating
Fabric Ideas for the Home
Corcoran, Adele / Hart, Carol E 1-897954-37-9 14001178
Cottage Charm
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002113
Cottage-Style Quilts
16 Projekcts for Caual Country Living
Hickey, Mary E 1-56477-587-9 14000497
Count On It
Art to Heart Serie
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002178
Country - Quilts im ländlichen Stil
Seward, Linda deutsch 978-3512031359 14001257
Country Calendar
Mumm, Debbie E 14000969
Country Christmas
Burns, Eleanor E 735272010074 14000607
Country Garden Quilts
Fassett, Kaffe D 978-3-65573-083-0 14002486
Country House Quilts
Jensen, Lynette E 14000906
Country Patchwork
Birk, Bente / Jollmann, Dorthe DK 87-7721-734-9 14001469
Country Quilt
Chizuko Takishita J 4-89396-721-5 14001446
Country Quilts for Children
Benner, C. / Pellmann, R. E 9781561480630 14000126
Country Threads
Etherington, Mary / Tesene, Connie E 1-56477-406-6 14001512
Country Woodworks
Basinger, Denise / Koller, Diana, Baer, Shirley E 1-57421-054-8 14001110
Coxcomb Quilts
Eines, Donna Hanson E 14000356
Cozy modern quilts
Schaefer, Kim E 1-57120-622-1 14001351
Craftin Springtime Gifts
Finnanger, Tone E 978-0-89689-256-5 14002395
Crafting Christmas Gifts
Over 25 adorable projects featuring angels, snowmen
Finnanger, Tone E 978-0-7153-2550-6 14002562
Crazy but pieceable
Milne, Hollie A. E 9781564771902 14000071
Crazy Curves
Wilson, Elisa E 0-9745622-0-3 14001383
Crazy Eights,
Fun with 8-pointed Stars
Suit, Mary Sue E 1-56477-601-8 14000554
Crazy Filz
Mode und Accessoirs
Knake, Jeannette D 3-89858-919-6 14001093
Crazy Living
Wohndeko kreativ und individuell
Knake, Jeanette D 3-89858-980-3 14001191
Crazy Patchwork
Mode und Accessoires
Knake, Jeannette D 3-89858-685-5 14000811
Crazy Patchwork
Haigh, Janet E 0-8442-2664-5 14000974
Crazy quilt patchwork
Haywood, Dixie E 0-486-25042-3 14000084
Crazy Quilt Sampler
Blöcher, Edith D 978-3-8370-6378-3 14002498
Crazy Quilting
Aller, Allie E 978-1-60705-173-2 14002489
Crazy Quilts
McMorris, Penny E 0-525-48009-5 14000668
Crazy Quilts
Vom Flickwerk zum Kunstwerk
Schaffer, Rita & Christina D 3-8334-4430-4 14002420
Crazy Style
Patchwork leicht gemacht
Bühler, Regina D 3-89858-975-7 14001089
Crazy With Cotton
Piecing Together Memories & Themes
Leone, Diana E 1-57120-017-7 14001767
Crazy Wool
Knake, Jeannette D 3-89858-814-9 14001091
Create your family Quilt
Brackmann,Barbara E 1-893824-10-1 14002586
Create your own free-form quilts
Gillman, Rayna E 978-1-60705-250-0 14002488
create your own hand-printed cloth
Gillman, Rayna E 978-1-57120-439-4 14002601
Create your own omprov Quilts
Modern quilting with no rules & no rulers
Gillman, Rayna E 978-1-61745-444-8 14002472
Create your own Quilt Labels
Churbuck, Kim E 1-57120-133-5 14002084
Creating Fashion Accessories
Singer sewing reference libary E 052944030254 14000315
Creating PA NADU Appliqué
A New Approach to an Ancient Art Form
Hassel, Carla J. E 0-87069-390-5 14001988
Creating Quilts With Simple Shapes
Castleberry, Ann / Hart, Mischele E 1-56477-371-X 14002161
Creativ applique
Turpin-Delport, Lesley E 9781853680786 14000061
Creative American Quilting
Knox, Gerald M. ed. E 014005639561 14000600
Creative Appliqué to make and wear
Turpin-Delport, Lesley E 1-85368-078-8 14001450
Creative Beginnings in Machine Embroidery
Albin, Patty E 1-57120-327-3 14001355
Creative Classics
250 Playful Continuous-Line Quilting Designs
Fritz, Laura Lee E 978-1-57120-506-3 14002327
Creative Cloth Doll Couture
Culea, Patti Medaris E ISBN 978-1-59253-217-9 14002103
Creative Embellishing
Inspiration and Techniques for the Needle-Punch Machine
Searle, Teresa E 9781408115527 14001952
Creative Embellishments
For Paper, Jewelry, Fabric, and More
Kahn, Sherrill E 978-1-56477-616-7 14002401
creative Machine Embroidery
A Practical Sourcebook
Harker, Gail E 1-57488-271-6 14001515
creative patchwork
An introduction to Patchwork and Quilting
Field, June E 0-330-24795-6 14001985
Creative Patchwork with Appliqué and Quilting
Bugeni, Louise E 1-86396-090-2 14001673
Creative Quilt Collection Volume One
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-655-7 14001316
Creative Quilt Collection Volume Three
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-855-X 14001381
Creative Quilt Collection Volume Two
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-773-1 14001317
Creative Quilting
Brown, Elsa E 0-8230-1105-4 14001152
Creative Quilts
Inspiration, Textur & Stitch
Meech, Sandra E 0-7134-9006-3 14001271
Creative Recycling in Embroidery
Holmes, Val E 9-780713-489866 14000826
Creative Sewing Projects with Computerized Machine
Hastings, Pamela J. E 0-8069-0357-0 14001404
Creative Triangles for Quilters
Elwin, Janet B. E 0-8019-8477-7 14002388
Creative Tucks and Textures for Quilts & Embroidery
Rayment, Jennie E 9780-7134-8913-2 14001594
Crib Quilts and other small wonders
Woodard, Thos.K. E 0-525-47628-8 14000214
Inspirations in Multi-Block Quilts
Cory, Pepper E 0-914881-26-4 14002279
Cups and Saucers
Paper-Peiced Kitchen Designs
Bakker, Maaike E 1-56477-333-7 14000326
Curl-Up quilts
Flannel Appliqué & More from Piece O'Cake Designs
Goldsmith, Becky / Jenkins, Linda E 1-57120-264-1 14001416
Curved Strip-Piecing
A New Technique
Stothers, Marilyn E 0-88925-899-6 14000764
Curves in Motion
Quilt Designs & Techniques
Dales, Judy B. E 1-57120-052-5 14000698
Curves unlimited
Espanding the Curve Tow-Patch System to Soft Shapes
Schlotzhauer, Joyce M. E 0-914440-78-0 14001261
CURVES without Piecing
Ornelas, Annette E ISBN 978-1-60460-085-8 14002082
Cushions & Quilts
Swe in aweekand
o.A. E 1-55870-494-9 14000393
cut, shape, stich
working creatively with cutting machines
Gray, Maggie/ Packer, Samantha/ Watkins, Paula E 0-9574413-2-0 14001821
Cut-Loose Quilts - Stack, Slice, Switch and Sew
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Mullen, Jan englisch 978-1571201546 14000354
Cutting Corners
Quilts with Stich-and-Trim Triangles
Hanson, Joan E 1-56477-474-0 14001425
Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces
Bowles, Debbie E 1-57432-757-7 14002127
Cutting Garden Quilts
Bula, Melinda E 1-56477-759-6 14001005