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Calendar Quilts
Hanson, Joan E 0-943574-77-3 14000635
Schoolhouse Appliqué
Patera, Charlotte E 0-914881-99-X 14000763
John Flynn's Braided Border Step-By-Step Workbook
Flynn, John E 0-9627889-1-0 14001147
Dimensional Appliqué
Baskets, Blooms & Baltimore Borders
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 0-914881-58-2 14001275
Creative Sewing Projects with Computerized Machine
Hastings, Pamela J. E 0-8069-0357-0 14001404
The Quilt Digest, Nr. 3
Kile Michael M. E 0-913327-02-6 14001663
Stich Stories
Personal place, spaces and traces in textile art
Holmes, Cas E 1-84994-274-9 14001793
Pillows With Personality
Causee, Linda E 1-59012-101-5 14002156
20 Fresh & Fabulous Projects
Kavaya, Karol / Skemp, Vicki E 1-57990-332-0 14002157
South African Quilter`s Guild ?
Katalog E 14000034
Painting fabric
Elliot, Marion E 1-85238-418-2 14000178
The Crazy Quilt Handbook
Montano, Judith E 0-914881-05-1 14000320
Silk Ribbon Embroidery II
Cox, Ann E 0-85532-948-3 14000464
Mitred Patchwork
Wright, Margaret K. E 0713445556 14000603
Japanese Style Quilt Essentials
Briscoe, Susan E 1-446-30350-0 14001500
Sewing Projects in an afternoon
Mickey, Susan E 1-402-72238-9 14001372
Mariner's Medallion Quilts
Hawley, M'Liss Rae E 1-57120-380-X 14001632
500 Traditional Quilts
Patterson Bresenhan, Karey ed. E 1-60059-688-6 14001760
Felt IT! Stich IT! Fabulous!
Creative Wearables from Flea Market Findes
Bieber, Katheryn Tidwell E 9781600590672 14001896
ART Quilt Fusion E 14002048
Winning Stitches
Hand Quilting Secrets
Campbell, Elsie M. E 1-57120-225-0 14002125
Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts
Merrill, RaNae E 978-0-89689-653-6 14002396
Quiltmaking Made Easy
Adams, Pauline E 9781863150101 14000142
Fashion Photography
Aprofessional Appraoch
Khornak, Lucille E 9780817438494 14000286
Art Quilts Unfolding
50 Years of Innovation
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SAQA E 978-0-7643-5626-1 14002685
Mennonite Quilts and Pieces
Schroeder Tomlonson, J. E 0-93462-27-x 14000700
The Paintes Quilt
Paint and Print Techniques for Color in Quilts
Kemshall, Linda / Kemshall, Laura E 0-7153-2450-0 14000828
Exploring Embellishment
more artful quilts with fast-piece appliqué
Hughes, Rose E 1-56477-989-0 14001084
Attic Windows quilts with a view
Leone, Diana / Walter, Cindy E 0-87341-834-4 14001340
Festhered Star Sampler
McCloskey, Marsha E 0-94-35-74-34-x 14001993
Rotary Roundup
40 More Fast & Fabulous Quilts
Hopkins, Judy / Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-028-1 14002093
The Romance of the patchwork quilt in america in three parts
History and Quilt Patches - Quilts, Antique and Moderen - Quilting and Quilting Designs
VARIOUS E 978-1-44551-092-7 14002228
Studio Quilts
James, Michael E 2-88380-006-5 14002359
At home with Patrick Lose
Lose, Patrick E 9781571200617 14000105
Artful Improv
Color Recipes, Building Blocks & Free-Motion Quilting
Grisdela, Cindy E 978-161745-261-1 14002508
3 dimensional design
Pasquini, Katie E 0-914881-19-1 14000247
Fine Feathers
A Quilters's Gude to Customizing Traditional Feather Quilting Designs
Fons, Marianne E 978-0-914881-10-8 14002642
The United States Patchwork Pattern Book
50 Quiltblocks for 50 States
Bannister, Barbara, and Ford, Edna Paris E 0-486-23243-3 14000392
Star Quilt Designs
Saunders, Doreen L. E 0-486-26912-4 14000538
Crazy Quilts
McMorris, Penny E 0-525-48009-5 14000668
Making Patchwork Quilts
With 40 Quilt Block Designs
MacDonald, Jessie E 0-7090-2560-2 14001180
A Forest of Quilts
Designs for Those Who Love the Outdoors
Kralik, Terrie E 0-87349-553-5 14001436
Scrap Frenzy
Even More Quick-Pieced Scrap Quilts
Schneider, Sally E 1-56477-363-9 14001567
Down The Rotary Road
30 Sensational Quilts from Folk to Fancy
Hopkins, Judy E 1-56477-090-7 14001696
fat Quaters ar beautiful
32 creative porjects
Finwall, Barbara / Javier, Nancy / Clements, Jerilyn E 1-57486-736-9 14001828
Irresitibly Beautiful Projects
Steel-Stickland, Robyn E 9780312360580 14001960
One Quilt one Moment
Quilts That Change Lives
Noton, Alissa ed. E 14002036
Big Dogs
Ashton, Darcy E 14002189
Creative Classics
250 Playful Continuous-Line Quilting Designs
Fritz, Laura Lee E 978-1-57120-506-3 14002327
Plaids & Stripes
Horton, Roberta E 9780914881292 14000070
The complete Photo guide to Art Quilting
Stein, Susan E 978-1-58923-689-9 14002473
Crow, Nancy E 978-0-7407 -70273-9 14002613
Coxcomb Quilts
Eines, Donna Hanson E 14000356
Patchwork from Mosaics
Patchwork from the stones of Venice
Fairfield, Helen E 0-7134-4458-x 14000636
Curved Strip-Piecing
A New Technique
Stothers, Marilyn E 0-88925-899-6 14000764
Floral Quilts
From Grandma's Cupboard
Blackhurst, Michelle E 1-57486-342-8 14001276
The Careless Quilter
Decide-as-you-sew, Design-as-you-go Quiltmaking
Miller, Kristin E 1-55853-296-X 14001405
It's a Stitch
21 Patchwork Quilt Projects wiht an Eye an Traditon
Bolesta, Karen E 1-57954-914-4 14001664
Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles
Lintault, M. Joan E 9780964120143 14001928
Lunch Bags!
25 Handmade Sacks & Wraps to Sew Today
Marson, Amy E 9781607050049 14001929
great Sets
7 Roadmaps To Spectacular Quilts
Craig, Sharyn E 1-57120-224-2 14002158
Mother plays with dolls
Bailey, Elinor Peace E 0-939009-39-0 14000035
Quilted for christmas
Reikes, Ursula E 9781564770547 14000180
A Painters Approach to Quilt Design
Newman, Velda E 978-1-56477-119-9 14002582
Fairytale Quilts & Embroidery
Harker, Gail E 1-85391-145-3 14000321
The Magic of Crazy Quilting
A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting
Michler, J. Marsha E 0-87349-724-4 14000465
Borders by Design
Creative Ways to Border Your Quilts
Peters, Paulette E 1-56477-082-6 14000604
The Collector`s Dictionary of Quilt Names & Patter
Khin, Yvonne M. E 0-87491-408-6 14001117
Half Square Triangles
Exploring Designs
Johannah, Barbara E 0-934342-04-0 14001245
hexagons made easy
machine techniques for exceptional quilts
Eskridge, Jen E 1-60468-275-2 14001501
Making Handbags & Purses
Parks, Carol E 1-57990-149-2 14001373
Weekend Scrap Quilting
Stauffer, Jeanne / Sandra L. Hatch E 1-59217-064-1 14001633
Amazing Angelina
Blais, Betty E 14001897
Circle Play
Simple Designs for Fabulous Fabrics
Pakusich, Reynola E 1-57120-235-8 14002126
Three-Dimensional Pieced Quilts
Davis, Jodie E 0-8019-8390-8 14002397
Baby quilts from grandma
Palmer, Carolann M. E 0-943574-48-x 14000143
Great Lakes, Great Quilts
Includes 12 Projects Celebratin Quilting Traditions
MacDowell, Marsha ed. E 9781571201638 14000287
Patchwork Iowa Quilts and Quilters
Andre Schmeal, Jacqueline E 978-0-87745-865-0 14002668
Who'd thought it
Improvisation in African-American Quiltmaking
Leon, Eli E 14000426
fast, fun & easy book cover art
Finch, Jake E 1-57120-393-1 14000829
Freedom In Design
Rozmyn, Mia E 1-56477-102-4 14000957
Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts
Inspiring, Amazing - Create your Own!
Tims, Ricky E 1-57120-456-3 14001213
Blended Quilt Backgrounds
Create Cecondary Patterns
Biddick, Jean E 1-57432-929-4 14001600
Quilts in a hurry
Weiss, Rita E 14001729
In the studio with Angela Walters
Machine-Quilting Design Concepts, Add Movement, Contrast, Depth & More
Walters, Angela E 978-1-60705-655-3 14002229
North Carolina Quilts
Fickling Eanes, Ellen und weitere E 0-8078-4234-6 14002360
Artful Log Cabin Quilts
From Inspiration to Art Quilts
Pasquini Masopust, Katie E 978-1-61745-450-9 14002509
Plastic templates for the traditional ?
Instructions for 27 Easy-to-Make Desigens
Weiss, Rita E 9780486249841 14000248
The Quilter's Kitchen
Zimmerman, Darlene / Hoffman, Joy E 978-0-73077-701-68 14002643
Cushions & Quilts
Swe in aweekand
o.A. E 1-55870-494-9 14000393
Hawaiian Quilting
Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for 20 Blocks
Root, Elizabeth E 0-486-25948-x 14000539
Nebraska quilts & quiltmakers
Crews, Patricia Cox / Naugle, Ronald Clinton E 0-8032-6346-5 14000669
Family Ties
Old quuilt patterns from new cloth
Burdick, Nancilu Butler E 1-55853-134-3 14001053
Small Quilt Crafts
Geiger, Jennifer E 0-696-02319-9 14001181
Freddy & Gwen collaborate agein
Freewheeling Twists an Traditional Quilt Designs
Marston, Gwen / Moran, Freddy E 1-60059-439-5 14001437
Learn to machine quilt
A Beginner#s Guilde
Chamber, Sharon E 1-58011-239-0 14001309
Open a Can of Worms
Caffrey, Debbie E 0-9645777-4-7 14001568
At The V & A
Knitting and Needlepoint
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-7126-2236-5 14001697
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts
Basic techniques for sewing, appliqué, embreiderym quilting, deying, and printing, plus 150 inspired projects from A to Z
Stewart, Martha E 9780307450586 14001961
Heirloom Machine Sewing for Quilters
Stewart, Susan E ISBN 978-57432-944-5 14002190