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Favorite Applique Patterns III
Benner Cheryl A. / Pellman, Rachel T. E 1-56148-075-4 14000938
Tips for Quilters
A Handbook of Hints, Shortcuts, and Practical Suggestions from Experienced Quilters
Pellman, Rachel T. E 1-56148-080-0 14000268
The new quilt
: Dairy Barn Quilt National
Fletcher, Hilary Morrow E 1-56158-056-2 14000761
Great Quilting Techniques
Threads E 1-56158-070-8 14001826
Kaffe Fassett`s Museum Quilts
Designs Inspired by the Victoria & Albert Museum
Fassett, Kaffe E 1-56158754-0 14000549
Nine-Patch Blocks & Quilts for the ScrapSaver
Hopkins, Judy E 1-56477-001-X 14001485
Fantasy Flowers
Pieced Flowers for Quilters
Burbank, Doreen Cronkite E 1-56477-002-8 14000618
Strips that Sizzle
Miller, Margaret J. E 1-56477-009-5 14000670
Baltimore Bouquets
Dietrich, Mimi E 1-56477-010-9 14000691
Red Wagon Originals
Kimmel, Gerry / Brannock, Linda E 1-56477-012-5 14000612
Picture Perfect Patchwork from Piecemaker Keepsake
Norman, Naomi E 1-56477-017-6 14000699
Jacket Jazz
Murrah, Judy E 1-56477-021-4 14002591
Rotary Roundup
40 More Fast & Fabulous Quilts
Hopkins, Judy / Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-028-1 14002093
Rotary Roundup
40 Fast and Fabulious Quilts
Hopkins, Judy / Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-028-1 14001681
Watercolor Quilts
Magaret, Pat Maixner / Slusser, Donna Igram E 1-56477-031-1 14000645
Piecemakers Country Store
Piecemakers E 1-56477-032-x 14001272
Quilts for Kids
Palmer, Carolann E 1-56477-036-2 14001678
Easy Machine Paper Piecing
65 Quilt Blocks for Foundation Piecing
Doak, Carol E 1-56477-038-9 14001239
Fun with Fat Quarters
Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-042-7 14002087
Biblical Blocks
Makhan, Rosemary E 1-56477-044-3 14001812
Srap Mania
More Quick-Pieced Scrap Quilts
Schneider, Sally E 1-56477-050-8 14001649
Colourwash Quilts
A Personal Approach to Design & Technique
Amsden, Deirdre E 1-56477-051-6 14001686
Botanical Wreaths
Nature's Glory in Applqué
Reinstatler, Laura Munson E 1-56477-056-7 14001278
Round Robin Quilts
Frendship Quilts of the '90s and Beyound
Magaret, Pat Maixner / Ingram Husser, Donna E 1-56477-065-6 14001771
The Joy of Quilting
Hanson, Joan / Hickey, Mary E 1-56477-070-2 14002597
The Heirloom Quilt
Filson, Yolande 7 Przybylski, Roberta E 1-56477-072-9 14000624
Machine quilting made easy
Noble, Maurine E 1-56477-074-5 14000522
Quilteing Makes the Quilt
Cleland, Lee E 1-56477-075-3 14001399
Quilting makes the Quilt
Cleland, Lee E 1-56477-075-3 14001813
Appliqué in bloom
Swain, Gabrielle E 1-56477-076-1 14000518
The Easy Art of Appliqué
Techniques for Hand, Machiene, and Fusible Appliqué
Dietrich, Mimi / Eppler, Roxi E 1-56477-081-8 14000976
Borders by Design
Creative Ways to Border Your Quilts
Peters, Paulette E 1-56477-082-6 14000604
Quiltes Sea Tapestries
techniques for machie-embroidered design
Eckley, Ginny e 1-56477-083-4 14001700
Down The Rotary Road
30 Sensational Quilts from Folk to Fancy
Hopkins, Judy E 1-56477-090-7 14001696
Shortcuts Quilts
15 fantiastische Quilts in Rollschneidetechnik
Thomas, Donna Lynn D 1-56477-095-8 14001487
Shortcuts II
15 fantastische Quilts in Rollschneidertechnik
Thomas, Donna Lynn D 1-56477-095-8 14000679
Freedom In Design
Rozmyn, Mia E 1-56477-102-4 14000957
Trouble Free Triangles
Quilt Designs Based on Rotary-Cut 60* Triangles
Bong, Gayle E 1-56477-113-X 14002389
All New!
Copy art for quilters
Weiland, Barbara ed E 1-56477-118-0 14000369
A Painter's Approach to Quilt Design
with Christine Barnes
Newman, Velda E 1-56477-119-9 14000406
Create Stuning Quilts ftom striped units with the revolutionary Bias Stripper
Thomas, Donna Lynn E 1-56477-124-5 14001679
Simply Scrappy Quilts
Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-127-X 14000928
Easy Mix & Match
Machine Paper Piecing
Doak, Carol E 1-56477-128-8 14002599
Repiecung the Past
patterns from 12 quilts from the collection of Sara Rhodes Dillow
Dillow, Sara Rhodes E 1-56477-129-6 14001811
Tropical Punch
quilt designs with a Florida Flavor
Dorwart, Marilyn E 1-56477-133-4 14000970
More Jazz from Judy Murrah
New Shapes & Great Ideas for Wonderful Wearable Art
Murrah, Judy E 1-56477-135-0 14001230
Press for Success
Secrets for Precise and Speedy Quiltmaking
Giesbrecht, Myrna E 1-56477-136-9 14001232
Celebrating The Quilt
Twenty Quilts for Twenty Years
Schneider, Sally E 1-56477-139-3 14001669
Personal Imagery in Art Quilts
Carter, Erika E 1-56477-147-4 14001701
Hand-Dyed Fabric made Easy
Buffington, Adriene D/E 1-56477-148-2 14000322
Lora & Company
Fanciful Characters to Appliqué
Rocke, Lora E 1-56477-150-4 14000979
Decorate with Quilts & Collections
Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-158-X 14000750
color the quilter's guide
Barnes, Christine D 1-56477-164-4 14001292
Once Upon A Quilt
Fairy Tales in Fabric
Kaster, Bonnie / Athey, Virginia E 1-56477-165-2 14000980
Beyond Charm Quilts
The Ultimate Challenge
McIntee, Catherine L. / Porath, Tammy L. E 1-56477-174-1 14001048
Miniature Baltimore album quilts - 28 Embroieded ans Embellished Block Designs
Buechel, Jennifer englisch 1-56477-176-8 14000160
Whimsies & Whynots
A Playful Approch to Quiltmaking
Weidman, Mary Lou E 1-56477-180-6 14000975
The border workbook
Kime, Janet E 1-56477-184-9 14000040
Fine Art Quilts
Contemorary Quilt Art Association E 1-56477-193-8 14002273
Mastering Machine Embroidery Techniques
Lehman, Libby E 1-56477-202-0 14001614
Traditional Quilts with Painless Borders
Schneider, Sally / Eikmeier, Barbara J. E 1-56477-203-9 14001824
Papier-Pieced Miniatures
Doak, Carol E 1-56477-209-8 14002092
Workshops from the Quilter∩s Guild Australia
The Quilters' Guild Australia E 1-56477-213-6 14002101
Hand Appliqué
Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for
Dietrich, Mimi E 1-56477-220-9 14000958
Strip Piecing
Peters, Paulette E 1-56477-232-2 14001371
Jazz it up
101 Stiching & Embellishing Techniques
Murrah, Judy E 1-56477-245-4 14000351
Papier Piecing the Seasons
Foundation Piecing from Easy to Expert
Schwartz, Liz / Seifert, Stephen E 1-56477-248-9 14002089
Quilts from Aunt Amy
Etherington, Mary Tendall / Tesene, Connie E 1-56477-258-6 14001210
Lap Quilting Lives!
Bonesteel, Georgia E 1-56477-259-4 14000377
Everyday Angels in Extraordinary Quilts
Weidmann, Mary Lou E 1-56477-266-8 14002188
Boerens, Trice / Beesley, Terrece E 1-56477-268-3 14002333
Quick Watercolor Quilts
The Fuse, Fold, and Stich Method
Pappas, Dina E 1-56477-270-5 14001387
New Directions in Chenille
Holmberg, Nanette E 1-56477-275-6 14001448
Pink Ribbon Quilts
A Book Because of Breast Cancer
Dietrich, Mimi E 1-56477-279-9 14002206
Beyond Log Cabin
Gadd, Kerry E 1-56477-284-5 14000374
Fast-and-Fun Stenciled Quilts
Garnas, Vicki E 1-56477-286-1 14001391
Favorite Christmas Quilts
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-287-X 14001079
Needles & Notions
Paper-Pieced Patterns with a Sewing Room Theme
Huff, Jaynette E 1-56477-289-6 14000405
Spectacular Scraps
A Simple Approach To Stunning Quilts
Hooworth, Judy / Rolfe, Margaret E 1-56477-290-X 14002095
Artful Appliqué
the easy way
Townswick, Jane E 1-56477-294-2 14001219
Quilting with Japanese Fabrics
Pippen, Kitty E 1-56477-297-7 14000474
Stylish Sewing
Techniques for Quilted and Embellished Clothing
Nelson, Patricia E 1-56477-299-3 14002102
In the studio with Judy Murrah
12 Playful Quilted Projects
Murrah, Judy E 1-56477-300-0 14000404
Row by Row - 10 Easy Bar Quilts
Martin, Terry englisch 1-56477-305-1 14000355
Razzle Dazzle Quilts
Hooworth, Judy E 1-56477-322-1 14000419
Japanese Inspirations
18 Quilted projects
Haigh, Janet E 1-56477-323-X 14000512
Floral Abundance
Appliqué Designs Inspiered by William Morris
Makhan, Rosemary E 1-56477-325-6 14001403
Sassy Cats Purr-fect Craft Projects
Rauen, Sheila Haynes E 1-56477-328-0 14001428
Cups and Saucers
Paper-Peiced Kitchen Designs
Bakker, Maaike E 1-56477-333-7 14000326
Patchwork Picnic
Quilts and Recipes for Yaer-Roug Entrteining
Halferty, Suzette / Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-342-6 14001661
Quilting more Memories
Creating projects with image transfer
Bonsib, Sandy E 1-56477-349-3 14001050
Flannel Quilts
Bonsib, Sandy E 1-56477-360-4 14000375
Scrap Frenzy
Even More Quick-Pieced Scrap Quilts
Schneider, Sally E 1-56477-363-9 14001567
More Quick Watercolor Quilts
Pappas, Dina E 1-56477-364-7 14001471
Play Quilts
Creative Activety Quilts for Kids
Addison, Kirsten Kolstad E 1-56477-368-X 14000420
Repliqué Quilts
Appliqué Designs from Favorite Photos
Kirsch, Chris Lynn E 1-56477-369-8 14001589
Creating Quilts With Simple Shapes
Castleberry, Ann / Hart, Mischele E 1-56477-371-X 14002161
Batik Beauties
18 stunning Quilts
Shifrin, Laurie J. E 1-56477-382-5 14002408
Friendship blocks
New Settings for Sentimental Favorites
Edie, Marge E 1-56477-385-X 14000415
Successful Scrap Quilts
From Simple Rectangels
Turner, Judy / Rolfe, Margeret E 1-56477-386-8 14000480