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Fantasy Floral Quilts
creating with silk flowers
McCaffery, Bonnie Lyn E 1-56477-387-6 14001361
More Fat Quarter Quilts
Hawley, M'Liss Rae E 1-56477-391-4 14001651
Paper-pieced bed quilts
Davis, Jodie E 1-56477-395-7 14000408
Country Threads
Etherington, Mary / Tesene, Connie E 1-56477-406-6 14001512
Nickel Quilts
Great Designs from 5-Inch Scraps
Speth, Pat / Thode Charlene E 1-56477-416-3 14000950
Rich Traditions
Scrap Quilts To Paper Piecing
Mahoney, Nancy E 1-56477-425-2 14001774
Quick Quilts Using Quick Bias
Hudock, Gretchen K. E 1-56477-429-5 14001310
Beyond the blocks
Quilts with Great Borders
Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-444-9 14000517
Just can't cut it!
Quilts from fabulous fabrics
Mostek, Pamela E 1-56477-449-X 14001349
Feathers that fly
Howe to Design, Mark and Machine Quilt Feather Motifs
Cleland, Lee D 1-56477-455-4 14000330
Appliquilt in the cabin
8 Fresh and Fun designs
White, Tonee E 1-56477-459-7 14000339
Americana quilts
Bonsib, Sandy E 1-56477-465-1 14000337
Strips and Strings
16 Sparkling Quilts
Sloppy, Evelyn E 1-56477-466-x 14000473
Fabulous Quilts from Favorite Patterns
Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine
E 1-56477-468-6 14002149
Fabulous quilts from favorite patterns
from Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine
Sokltys, Karan Costello ed. E 1-56477-468-6 14000336
Time to Quilt
Fun Quilts and Retreat Ideas for 1 to 101
Moscicki, Anne E 1-56477-473-2 14000409
Cutting Corners
Quilts with Stich-and-Trim Triangles
Hanson, Joan E 1-56477-474-0 14001425
English Cottage Quilts
10 Charming Projects
Mostek, Pamela E 1-56477-475-9 14002334
Traditional Quilts to Papier Piece
14 Small Projects
Derksen, Cori / Harder, Myra E 1-56477-478-3 14002181
Everyday Embellishments
8 Fun Quilts to stich and Embellish
Hawley, M`Liss Rae E 1-56477-479-1 14000965
Four Seasons of Quilts
Garden-Inspieres Projects
Derksen, Cori / Harder, Myra E 1-56477-481-3 14000561
Bright quilts from down under
From Australien Patchwork and Quilting Magazine
Soltys, Karen Costello E 1-56477-482-1 14000432
Asian Elegance
Quilting with japanise fabrics and more
Pippen, Kitty / Pippen, Sylvia E 1-56477-483-X 14001654
Christmas Delights
Quilts That Celebrate the Season
Huff, Jaynette E 1-56477-488-0 14002163
Meadowbrook Quilts
van Bockel, Jean E 1-56477-493-7 14001415
1000 great quilt blocks
Gordon, McCormick Maggi E 1-56477-495-3 14000507
Judy Murrah's Jacket Jackpot
Murrah, Judy E 1-56477-499-6 14001427
The Magic of Quiltmaking,
A Beginner`s Guide
Rolfe, Margaret / Bowker, Jenny E 1-56477-502-X 14000560
Fast-Forward Your Quilting
A New Approach to Quick Piecing
Pappas, Dina E 1-56477-508-9 14000498
Professional Machine Quilting
The Complete Guide to Running a Successful Quilting Business
Thelen, Carol A. E 1-56477-509-7 14000553
Clever Quilts Encore
Dissmore, Susan Teegarden E 1-56477-510-0 14000558
Clever Quarters
Fuilts from Fat-Quarter Cuts
Dissmore, Susan Teegarden E 1-56477-511-9 14000499
Machine-Embroidered Quilts
Creating with Colorful Stiches
Lokey, Jennifer E 1-56477-516-X 14000501
Warm up to Wool,
Projects to Hook and Stitch
Soltys, Karen Costello E 1-56477-520-8 14000564
Sensational Settings
Over 80Ways to Arrange Your Quilt Blocks
Hanson, Joan E 1-56477-521-6 14000567
Burgoyne Surrounded
A Classic Quilt Plus Six Variations
Carlson, Elizabeth Hamby E 1-56477-523-2 14000430
Strawberry Fair
Quilts with a Country Flair
Hamby Carlson, E. E 1-56477-524-0 14000576
Coffee-Time Quilts
Super Projects, Sweet Recipes
Wierzbicki, Cathy E 1-56477-525-9 14000577
Quilter`s Bounty
Extraordinary Quilts from ordianry Blocks
Strobel, Robin E 1-56477-527-5 14000557
Stitch and Split Appliqué
12 Raw-Edge Projects
Crow, Jayme / Segna Joan E 1-56477-528-3 14000569
Quiling with My Sister
15 Projects ti Celebrate Women's Lives
Brandeburg, Barbara / Christopherson, Teri E 1-56477-530-5 14001876
Star-Studded Quilts
Samplerblocks to Mix and Match
Carter, Roxanne E 1-56477-538-0 14000586
No-Sweat Flannel Quilts
Fast and Fun Designs
Garretson, Beth E 1-56477-540-2 14001332
Seasonal Quilts using Quick Bias
Hudock, Gretchen K. E 1-56477-545-3 14001056
40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts
Sloppy, Evelyn E 1-56477-547-X 14000584
Lickerty-Split Quilts
Fast Projects from BiG Blocks
Bevan, Laurie E 1-56477-551-8 14000556
More Nickel Quilts
20 new Designs from 5-Inch Squares
Speth, Pat E 1-56477-552-6 14000575
Patchwork Showcase
Simple Quilts with Big Impact
Mahoney, Nancy E 1-56477-554-2 14000563
Basket Bonanza
14 quilts from Best-Loved Blocks
Mahoney, Nancy E 1-56477-555-0 14000566
Everyday Folk Art
Hokked Rugs and Quilt to Make
Minick, Polly / Simpson, Laurie E 1-56477-558-5 14000578
Pieces to Fit
Instant Quilt Borders from Easy Blocks
Snyder, Sheila Sinclair E 1-56477-561-5 14000500
Easy Appliqué Samplers
20 Designs to Mix and Match
Dietrich, Mimi E 1-56477-562-3 14000568
Pillow Party
Creating Pillows from Quilt Blocks
Lindquist, Pamela E 1-56477-563-1 14000552
Two-Block Applique Quilts
Olson, Claudia E 1-56477-574-7 14001438
More Biblical Quilt Blocks
New Inspirational Designs
Makhan, Rosemary E 1-56477-581-X 14000565
Square Dance
Fancy Quilts from, Plain Squares
Thompson, Martha E 1-56477-586-0 14001677
Cottage-Style Quilts
16 Projekcts for Caual Country Living
Hickey, Mary E 1-56477-587-9 14000497
Log Cabin Quilts
A Brand New Story
Murphy, Karen E 1-56477-588-7 14000583
Focus on Florals
Quilt from Pretty Prints
Martin, Terry E 1-56477-593-3 14000555
Follow the Dots to Dazzling Quilts
Segna, Joan / Crow, Jayme E 1-56477-597-6 14001392
Save the Scraps
Great Quilts from Small Bits
Bong, Gayle E 1-56477-599-2 14000585
Tea in the Garden
Quilts for a Summer Afternoon
Tomaszewski, Cynthia E 1-56477-600-X 14000582
Crazy Eights,
Fun with 8-pointed Stars
Suit, Mary Sue E 1-56477-601-8 14000554
Tried and True
New Qutlts from Favorite Blocks
Bonsib, Sandy E 1-56477-602-6 14000559
Raise The Roof,
Appliquéd Houses and Buildings
White, Tonee E 1-56477-609-3 14000587
Fabulous Flowers
Mini-Quilts in Dimensiol Appliqué
Baker, Sharon K. E 1-56477-610-7 14000562
Quilt Block Bonanza
50 Paper-Pieces Designs
Mahoney, Nancy E 1-56477-612-3 14000579
Alphabet Soup
Expressive Quilts with Folk-Art Charm
Johnson, Tammy / Shirer, Avis E 1-56477-621-2 14000581
Clever Quarters, Too
More Quilts from Fat Quaters
Dissmore, Susan Teegarden E 1-56477-627-1 14001401
Polka-Dot Kids` Quilts
Van Bockel, Jean E 1-56477-634-4 14000580
Quilting through Life
Projects for the Mind, Body, and Soul
Teters-Zeigler, Julia E 1-56477-640-9 14002152
Jack and Jill Quilts
For Boys And Girls
Warehime, Retta E 1-56477-645-X 14002171
Two-Block Theme Quilts
Olson, Claudia E 1-56477-654-9 14001390
Creative Quilt Collection Volume One
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-655-7 14001316
A Fresh Look at Seasonal Quilts
Popa, Julie E 1-56477-680-8 14002177
Prairie Children and their Quilts
14 Little Porjects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit
Tracy, Kathleen E 1-56477-686-7 14001022
All Buttoned Up
12 Quilts from the Butten Box
Manwaring, Loraine / Nelsen, Susan E 1-56477-706-5 14001253
Bits And Pieces
18 Small Quilts from Fat Quaters ans Scraps
Soltys, Karen Costello E 1-56477-738-3 14001641
Posterize IT!
Shoot, Enlage, Print, & Sew
Hesch, Joe / Seme, Frankie E 1-56477-745-6 14001407
Cool Girls Quilt
More than 15 Fresh, Fun, and Funky Projects
Lum DeBono, Linda E 1-56477-747-2 14001017
Cutting Garden Quilts
Bula, Melinda E 1-56477-759-6 14001005
Creative Quilt Collection Volume Two
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-773-1 14001317
Beautiful Blooms
Quilts ans Cushions to Appliqué
Propst, Susan Taylor E 1-56477-776-6 14001376
Copy Cat Quilts
Navarro, Dawn E. E 1-56477-781-2 14001395
Adventures in Circles
Quilt Designs from Start to Finish
McDonald, Liegh E. E 1-56477-802-9 14001352
Rolling Along
Easy Quilts from 2 ½ " Strips
Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-841-X 14001342
Instant Bargello
Kisro, Susan E 1-56477-854-1 14001331
Creative Quilt Collection Volume Three
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-855-X 14001381
Folk-Art Favorites
Quilrs from Joined at the Hip
Martingale & Company E 1-56477-884-3 14001356
Charmed, I'm Sure
Quilts and more from 5 Squares
Chaisson, Lesly E 1-56477-901-7 14001478
Quilting Your Style
Make-It-Unique Embellishing Techniques
Fehr, Leah E 1-56477-908-4 14001043
That Patchwork Place Quilt Collection
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-916-5 14001315
Spectacular Rectangles
12 Quilts from a Siple Shape
Bartos, Ilene E 1-56477-935-1 14001083
Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts
Wright, Eileen E 1-56477-943-2 14001861
A Baker's Dozen
13 quilts from jelly rolls, layer cakes, and more
That Patchwork Place E 1-56477-975-0 14001417
More Favorite Traditional Quilts Made Easy
Parrott, Jo E 1-56477-979-3 14001082
Exploring Embellishment
more artful quilts with fast-piece appliqué
Hughes, Rose E 1-56477-989-0 14001084
Swim, Laurie E 1-56799-027-4 14000395
At Play with Appliqué
Fronks, Dilys A. E 1-570120-335-4 14002144
Faces & Places imagined in applique
Andersen, C. W. E 1-57120-000-2 14000002