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The Magic of Quiltmaking,
A Beginner`s Guide
Rolfe, Margaret / Bowker, Jenny E 1-56477-502-X 14000560
Four Seasons of Quilts
Garden-Inspieres Projects
Derksen, Cori / Harder, Myra E 1-56477-481-3 14000561
Fabulous Flowers
Mini-Quilts in Dimensiol Appliqué
Baker, Sharon K. E 1-56477-610-7 14000562
Patchwork Showcase
Simple Quilts with Big Impact
Mahoney, Nancy E 1-56477-554-2 14000563
Warm up to Wool,
Projects to Hook and Stitch
Soltys, Karen Costello E 1-56477-520-8 14000564
More Biblical Quilt Blocks
New Inspirational Designs
Makhan, Rosemary E 1-56477-581-X 14000565
Basket Bonanza
14 quilts from Best-Loved Blocks
Mahoney, Nancy E 1-56477-555-0 14000566
Sensational Settings
Over 80Ways to Arrange Your Quilt Blocks
Hanson, Joan E 1-56477-521-6 14000567
Easy Appliqué Samplers
20 Designs to Mix and Match
Dietrich, Mimi E 1-56477-562-3 14000568
Stitch and Split Appliqué
12 Raw-Edge Projects
Crow, Jayme / Segna Joan E 1-56477-528-3 14000569
Färben in der Tüte
Ohne Chaos! Einfach schöne Stoffe färben
Muuß, Susanne D 14000570
Russisches Souvenier
Denissowa, L. F. D 5-89164-014-7 14000571
Free Stuff for Quilters on the Internet (2nd Editi
Heim, Judy / Hansen, Goria E 1-57120-081-9 14000572
Free Stuff for Sewing on the Internet
Heim, Judy / Hansen, Gloria E 1-57120-073-8 14000573
More Nickel Quilts
20 new Designs from 5-Inch Squares
Speth, Pat E 1-56477-552-6 14000575
Strawberry Fair
Quilts with a Country Flair
Hamby Carlson, E. E 1-56477-524-0 14000576
Coffee-Time Quilts
Super Projects, Sweet Recipes
Wierzbicki, Cathy E 1-56477-525-9 14000577
Everyday Folk Art
Hokked Rugs and Quilt to Make
Minick, Polly / Simpson, Laurie E 1-56477-558-5 14000578
Quilt Block Bonanza
50 Paper-Pieces Designs
Mahoney, Nancy E 1-56477-612-3 14000579
Polka-Dot Kids` Quilts
Van Bockel, Jean E 1-56477-634-4 14000580
Alphabet Soup
Expressive Quilts with Folk-Art Charm
Johnson, Tammy / Shirer, Avis E 1-56477-621-2 14000581
Tea in the Garden
Quilts for a Summer Afternoon
Tomaszewski, Cynthia E 1-56477-600-X 14000582
Log Cabin Quilts
A Brand New Story
Murphy, Karen E 1-56477-588-7 14000583
40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts
Sloppy, Evelyn E 1-56477-547-X 14000584
Save the Scraps
Great Quilts from Small Bits
Bong, Gayle E 1-56477-599-2 14000585
Star-Studded Quilts
Samplerblocks to Mix and Match
Carter, Roxanne E 1-56477-538-0 14000586
Raise The Roof,
Appliquéd Houses and Buildings
White, Tonee E 1-56477-609-3 14000587
Wie Farben wirken
Farbpsychologie, Farbsymbolik, kreative Farbgestaltung
Heller, Eva D 3-499-61960-1 14000588
Das Geheimnis der Farben,
eine Kulturgeschichte
Finley, Victoria D 3-548-60496-X 14000589
Der etwas andere Round Robin 2003
Wenn der Postbote klingelt...
Brauner, Ulla D 14000590
Patchwork & Sashiko - Eine japanische Stepptechnik
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Briscoe, Susan deutsch 978-3866309166 14000591
Patchwork Design
faszinierende Formen und Farben
Yde, Charlotte D 3-88746-392-7 14000592
Miniquilts - Mikrominis, Kissen und Wandbehänge zum Nähen auf Papier
Buchbesprechung »
Lenz, Ula deutsch 978-3937703114 14000593
Atarashii Patchwork II - Vom Kreis zu Dreieck und Raute
Buchbesprechung »
Graßhoff, Ranghild deutsch 978-3937703121 14000594
Karos und Streifen - Patchwork mit Westfalenstoffen
Buchbesprechung »
Van Zoutelande, Jannetje deutsch 978-3937703138 14000595
Fantastic Figures
-ideas &Techniques Using the New Clays
Oroyan, Susanna E 0-914881-00-0 14000596
Mariner`s Compass
an American quilt classic
Mathieson, Judy E 0-914881-11-6 14000597
Alte und neue Stickmustertücher zum Nacharbeiten
Lammèr, Jutta D 3-89350-402-8 14000598
Quilting With Style
Principles fore Great Pattern Design
Marston, Gwen / Cunningham, Joe E 0-89145-814-X 14000599
Creative American Quilting
Knox, Gerald M. ed. E 014005639561 14000600
Patchwork & Quilting Book
Ondori E 0-87040-498-9 14000601
Texture With Textiles
McGehee, Linda F. E 0-9627576-2-4 14000602
Mitred Patchwork
Wright, Margaret K. E 0713445556 14000603
Borders by Design
Creative Ways to Border Your Quilts
Peters, Paulette E 1-56477-082-6 14000604
Bright Ideas for Lap Quilting
Bonesteel, Georgia E 0-8487-1003-7 14000605
The art and craft of appliqué
Bawden, Juliet E 0-85533-921-7 14000606
Country Christmas
Burns, Eleanor E 735272010074 14000607
A Quilter's Christmas
Johanson Twelker, N. E 0-943574-26-9 14000608
Picture This
A Gallery of Fusible Appliqué Projects fpr Quilting and Framein
Wells, J. & Anderson, M. E 0-914881-31-0 14000610
Vibert, Joan E 0-943574-57-4 14000611
Red Wagon Originals
Kimmel, Gerry / Brannock, Linda E 1-56477-012-5 14000612
Fine Patchwork & Quilting
Ondori E 0-87040-557-8 14000613
The Curved Two-Patch System
A Quilter's Exciting Discovery for Creating Pieces Flowers, Foliage and Other Patterns
Schlotzhauer, Joyce M. E 0-9114440-56-x 14000614
Patchwork de Papiermethode
Letzel, Erna NL 9789021321295 14000615
First Prize Quilts
50 award-winning designs by Amarica's favorite quilt makers
Makris, Dimetra E 0-671-46938-x 14000616
Best Selling Bazaar Patchwork
Abrelat, Barbara H. E 0-8487-1092-4 14000617
Fantasy Flowers
Pieced Flowers for Quilters
Burbank, Doreen Cronkite E 1-56477-002-8 14000618
The Appliqué Quilt
Travis, Dinah E 0-7134-7035-6 14000619
Patchwork Portfolio
A Presentation of 165 Orginal Quilt Designs
Beyer, Jinny E 0-939009-17-x 14000620
American Patchwork & Quilting
Knox, Gerald M. ed E 0-696-01015-1 14000621
505 Quilt Blocks
Plus 36 beautifu projects to make
Dahlstrom, Carol Field E 0-696-21653-1 14000622
Kissen selbst gemacht
Für Ihr Heim
Frankel, Candie D 3-88385-042-x 14000623
The Heirloom Quilt
Filson, Yolande 7 Przybylski, Roberta E 1-56477-072-9 14000624
The New Sampler Quilt
Leone, Diana E 0-942786-41-6 14000625
Snowflakes in the sun
A How-to Guide to Hawaiian Quiltmaking.
Stewart, Cahrlyne Jaffe E 0-87069-451-0 14000626
Quilt with the Best
Hagood, Carol Cook E 0-8487-1175-0 14000627
Jinny Beyer's Color Confidence for Quilters
Beyer, Jinny E 0-913327-39-5 14000628
Hearts and Hands,
Influence of Women & Quilts on American Society
Ferrero, Hedges, Silber E 0-913327-14-X 14000629
Mandalas der Welt
ein Meditations- und Malbuch
Dahlke, Rüdiger D 3880342652 14000630
Quilts for Babies & Children
Hinson, Dolores A. E 0-668-05986-9 14000631
Quilting, patchwork, appliqué, and trapunto
trad. methods and orig. designs
Newman, Thelma R E 0-517-516101 14000632
More Quick Country Quilting
60 New Fast and Fun Projects
Mumm, Debbie E 0-87596-627-6 14000633
Trapunto and other forms of raised quilting
Morgan, Mary / Mosteller, Dee E 0-684-16942-8 14000634
Calendar Quilts
Hanson, Joan E 0-943574-77-3 14000635
Patchwork from Mosaics
Patchwork from the stones of Venice
Fairfield, Helen E 0-7134-4458-x 14000636
Tradition, Vorbilder, Anleitungen
Sander, Helga / Peschl, Wolfgang D 3-8043-0431-1 14000637
Patchwork Patterns
Beyer, Jinny E 0-7135-1346-2 14000638
Patchwork Quilts Made Easy
Make a Quilt You Can Be Prous of in Just Thee Days!
Wells, Jean E 0-87596-628-4 14000639
Patchwork for your Home
Ondori E 0-87040-585-3 14000640
Exploring Machine Trapunto
Walner, Hari E 1-57120-043-6 14000641
The Quilter's Album of Blocks & Borders
Beyer, Jinny E 0-914440-92-6 14000642
Everything Flowers - Quilts from the Garden
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Wells, Jean / Wells, Valori englisch 978-1571200075 14000643
Impressionist Quilts
Buchbesprechung »
Perry, Gai englisch 978-1571200037 14000644
Watercolor Quilts
Magaret, Pat Maixner / Slusser, Donna Igram E 1-56477-031-1 14000645
O'Jul Med Din Lappeglede
Bergene, Lise / Eikenes, Annie DK 9788244501521 14000646
One-of-a-Kind Quilts
Hopkins, Judy E 0943574-55-2 14000647
Folk Quilts And How To Recreate Them
Wiss, Audrey / Wiss, Douglas E 0-915590-34-4 14000648
The Quiltmaker's Art
Mattera, Joanne E 0-937274-07-6 14000649
Visions: quilt, layers of excellence
Graves, Stevii Thompson ed. E 0-914881-82-5 14000650
Log Cabin with a Twist
Kaempfer, Barbara T. E 0-89145-855-7 14000651
Quilt Block Party
Series #1
Burns, Eleanor E 0-922725-30-5 14000652
Small Scale Quiltmaking
Precision, Proportion, and Detail
Collins, Sally E 1-57120-009-6 14000653
technique, design and application
Short, Eirian E 0-7134-15401 14000654
Fast, Fun & Fabulous Quilts
30 terrifc projects from the country's most creative designers
Nelson, Suzanne ed. E 0-87596-709-4 14000655
American Patchwork Quilts
Bacon, Lenice Ingram E 14000656
Butterfly Pattern Collection
Hatch, Sandra E 14000657
The Complete Book of Appliqué and Patchwork
Turpin-Delport, Lesley E 1-85368-119-9 14000658
Das Quiltbuch
Design, Modelle, Anleitungen
Walker, Michele D 3-473-42424-2 14000659
3-D Geometric Origami
Gurkewitz, Rona / Arnstein, Bennett E 0-486-28863-3 14000660
Gewebe mit unterbrochenen Ketten aus dem vorspanischen Peru
Pre-hispanic Peruvian textiles with discontinuous warp
Strelow, Renate / Stehlik, Brigitte D/E 3-88609-391-3 14000661