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Quilting - Pieces of the past
175 years of inspirational quilting
Better Homes and Gardens E 978-0-69622-162-0 14002671
More Nickel Quilts
20 new Designs from 5-Inch Squares
Speth, Pat E 1-56477-552-6 14000575
Visual Coloring
Wolfrom, Joen E 1-57120-398-2 14000832
Sensational Sweatshirt Secrets
Morgan, Fran E 14001344
A Bridge To Landscape Quilts
Hackett, Mary L. E 1-57432-856-5 14001603
The Hidden Star Sampler
Ferrier, Beth E 14001732
Amish-Inspired Quilts
Tradition with a Piece O`Cake Twist
Goldsmith, Becky / Jenkins, Linda E 1-57120-334-6 14002097
Scrap Quilts and How to Make Them
Florence, Judy E 0-486-28477-8 14002232
Exploring Textile Arts
The Ultimate guide to manipulating, coloring, and embellishing fabrics
Bartels, Diane E 1-58923-048-5 14002363
Textile Coil Pots and Baskets
Easy ways with fabric and cord
Deighan, Helen E 978-0-95403-334-7 14002512
Susan McCord`s quilts
A Framerswife's Legacy
Bryk, Nancy Villa E 14000251
Northern Comfort
New England's Early Quilts 1780 - 1850
Bassett, Lynne Z. / Larkin, Jack E 978-1-55853-655-8 14002646
The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting
Ickis, Marguerite E 0-486-20582-7 14000396
The art of the needle
designing in fabric and thread
Beaney, Jan E 0-7126-1942-9 14000672
Simply Scrappy Quilts
Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-127-X 14000928
Seasonal Quilts using Quick Bias
Hudock, Gretchen K. E 1-56477-545-3 14001056
Book of Quilt Making
Guild, Vera E 0-87851-017-6 14001184
Design and make your own contemporary sempler quilt
Pasquini, Katie E 0-486-28197-3 14001440
Great American Quilts 2003
Book Ten
Richards, Rhonda E 0-8487-2562-x 14001312
Houses, Cottages And Cabins Patchwork Quilts
With Full-Size Patterns
Nancy, J. Martin E 0-486-26907-8 14001571
Quiltes Sea Tapestries
techniques for machie-embroidered design
Eckley, Ginny e 1-56477-083-4 14001700
How To make an American Quilt
Otto, Whitney E 0-679-40070-2 14002040
Fabric Embellishing
The basic & beyond
Chandler,Ruth/Kettle,Liz/Thomas,Heater/Vlcek, Lauren E ISBN 978-0-9818040-3-3 14002193
Log Cabins Today
Learn 7 Log Cabin Technisques / 30+ Designs
Stauffer, Jeanne E 978-1-59217-331-0 14002331
Quilts from the Civil War
Brackman, Barbara E 9781571200334 14000074
The art of Joan Schulze
Schulze, Joan E 9781881529446 14000217
Patchwork for your Home
Ondori E 0-87040-585-3 14000640
Nifty Neckwear
Avery, Virginia E 0-914881-84-1 14000768
Quilt Masterpieces
Pfeffer, Susanne E 0-88363-680-8 14000896
Creative Quilting
Brown, Elsa E 0-8230-1105-4 14001152
Paradise Flowers
The Ultimate Book of Patchwork Flora
Madden, Angela E 0-952-10605-1 14001280
The Sugar Camp Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 0-7432-6019-8 14001538
blendable curves
Stack, Slice & Sew Unique Quilts in a Weekend
Barkle, Peggy J. E 1-57120-425-3 14001410
The Founndation Piecer
Volume 7 Nummer 3 Autumn 2002
Schwartz, Liz ed E 14001799
Creating Quilts With Simple Shapes
Castleberry, Ann / Hart, Mischele E 1-56477-371-X 14002161
Soft-edge piecing
Beyer, Jinny E 9780914881940 14000038
Colourwash Quilts
E 1875-625-135 14002585
Country Christmas
Burns, Eleanor E 735272010074 14000607
Quilts and Influences
Crow, Nancy E 0-89145-944-8 14001248
Beautiful Blooms
Quilts ans Cushions to Appliqué
Propst, Susan Taylor E 1-56477-776-6 14001376
Blending Photos With Fabric
Kranz, Mary Ellen / Hayes, Cheryl E 1-893824-330 14001636
Houses, Cottages And Cabins Patchwork Quilts
Martin, Nancy J. E 0-486-26907-8 14001764
Coloring With Thread
A No-Drawing Approach to Free-Motion Embroiderey
Fahl, Ann E 1-57120-296-X 14002129
the art fabric: mainstream
Constantine, Mildred / Lenor Larsen, Jack E 0-87011-754-8 14002264
Baltimore Album Legacy
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 1-57120-046-0 14000003
Postcard Quilts
Reardon, Caroline E 0-9770414-0-9 14002400
Erica Wilson`s Quilts of Amerika
Wilson, Erica E 0-8487-0504-1 14000004
Creative Embellishments
For Paper, Jewelry, Fabric, and More
Kahn, Sherrill E 978-1-56477-616-7 14002401
25 quick-sew projects to brighten your space
Bostic, Heather E 978-1-60705-478-8 14002550
Fast Fusible Quilts
Cross-Stich Quilts Made Easy
Martin, Terry E 9781564773678 14000291
American Quilt Classics
From the collection of Patricia Cox
Cox, Patricia; McCormick Gordon, Maggi E 978-1-56477-358-6 14002672
Burgoyne Surrounded
A Classic Quilt Plus Six Variations
Carlson, Elizabeth Hamby E 1-56477-523-2 14000430
Strawberry Fair
Quilts with a Country Flair
Hamby Carlson, E. E 1-56477-524-0 14000576
Patchwork Quilts to make for children
Rolfe, Margaret E 0-8069-8498-8 14000705
layered textiles
New Surfaces with heat tools, machine and hand stitch
Thittichai, Kim E 1-84994-008-8 14001473
One-Block Wonders Cubed!
Rosenthal, Maxine &/Pelzmann, Joy E 1-57120-834-8 14001345
Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts
Brick, Cindy E 1-59012-050-7 14001733
Wool quilts Old and New
Touring Exhibition
Running Stich E 14001998
Great American Quilts 1987
O`Brien, Sandra L. E 0-8487-6969-X 14002098
Debbie Mumm`s birdhouses for every Season
Mumm, Debbie E 0-9707811-0-5 14002233
Beading Artistry for Quilts
Bsic Stitches & Embellishments add Texture & Drama
Atkins, Thom E 978-1-60705-584-6 14002513
Patchwork Quilt:
Galerie europäischer Künstler
Schuppe von Gwinner Hg. E 3-923916-03-5 14000252
Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut
The Connecticut Quilt Search Project E 978-0-7643-1472-6 14002647
Pattern play
creating your own quilts
Speckmann, Doreen E 0-914881-70-1 14000673
Irish Quilts
Monahan, Elizabeth A. / Hardesty, Helen E 0-88195-229-x 14000929
Decorate Arts of the Amish of Lancaster County
McCauley, Daniel / McCauley, Kathryn E 0-934672-69-5 14001057
quick-method Quilts
Leisure Arts Pubblication E 0-942237-54-4 14001441
Personal Imagery in Art Quilts
Carter, Erika E 1-56477-147-4 14001701
Alterna Crafts
Vitkus, Jessica E 9781584794561 14001965
Visions: Quilts Art
Rogers, Janet Ed. E 1-57120-021-5 14002041
fast fun & easy Fabric Postcards
Kohler, Franki E ISBN 978-1-57120-332-8 14002194
Patchwork quilts & gifts
20 Patchwork and Appliqué Quilts from Cowslip
Jo Colwill E 978-1-4463-0526-3 14002332
Appliquilt to go
White, Tonee E 9781564771827 14000075
African Textile Patterns
Carpenter, Catherine E 978-1-4081-3072-8 14002479
The scraplook
Beyer, Jinny E 0-914440-86-1 14000218
Garden-inspired quilts
Design Journals for 12 Quilt Pojects
Wells, Jean / Wells, Valori E 1-57120-131-9 14000509
Exploring Machine Trapunto
Walner, Hari E 1-57120-043-6 14000641
Quilting for beginners
Creative Publishing E 0-86573-327-9 14001153
Free & Eazy Circles
Magic Ballz & Other Foundation Follies
Mullen, Jan E 1-57120-346-X 14001411
Celebrating The Quilt
Twenty Quilts for Twenty Years
Schneider, Sally E 1-56477-139-3 14001669
The Foundation Piecer
Volume 7 Nummer 2 Summer 2002
Schwartz, Liz ed E 14001800
candy cane lane
Quilts and More to Sweeten the Holidays
Bula, Melinda E ISBN 978-1-56477-924-3 14002162
From fiber to fabric
Hargrave, Harriet E 9781571200259 14000039
Create your family Quilt
Brackmann,Barbara E 1-893824-10-1 14002586
Cups and Saucers
Paper-Peiced Kitchen Designs
Bakker, Maaike E 1-56477-333-7 14000326
A Quilter's Christmas
Johanson Twelker, N. E 0-943574-26-9 14000608
Appliqué Delights
100 irresistible blocks from Piece O' Cake Designs
Goldsmith, Becky / Jenkins, Linda E 1-57120-229-3 14001377
Blending Photos With Fabric 2
more great ideas to combine photography, printing and quiltmaking
Kranz, Mary Ellen E 1-89384-63-2 14001637
Come Listen To My Quilts
Playfuk Projects - mix & Match Design
Becker, Kristina E 1-57120-129-7 14001765
Secrets to Successful Stabilizing
What When Where Which Why & How
Sulky E 14002130
Paintstiks on Fabric
Simple Techniques, Fantastic Results
Stokes, Shelly E ISBN 978-0-9767918-0-05 14002131
The Quiltwear book
Herbort, Diane E 14000005
Quilted Animals
Continuous Line Patterns
Amundson, Marta E 1-57432-797-6 14000292
Minnesota Quilts
Creating connections with our past
Winter, Greg; Landberg Lee E 978-0-89658-078-4 14002673
Coffee-Time Quilts
Super Projects, Sweet Recipes
Wierzbicki, Cathy E 1-56477-525-9 14000577
Incredible Quilts for Kids of all Ages
Laury, Jean Ray E 0-913327-40-9 14000706
Joanie's Quilting Elements
7 Simple Steps to Navigate and Stich
Poole, Joanie Zeier E 0-89689-650-1 14001605
Fabrics .....Reconstructed
a collection of surface changes
Ericson, Lois e 0-911985-03-4 14001870
Quilts in red and green
The Flowering od Folk Design in the 19th Century America
The Wichita/ Sedgwick Country Historical Museum E 14001999
Great American Quilts 1998
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1616-7 14002099