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Titel Autor Sprache ISBN Bibliotheks-Nr.
Fiber Expressions / The Contemporary Quilt
Quilt National E 0-88740-093-0 14002282
Drunkard`s Path
Murphy, Anita E 0-88195-351-2 14000066
Quilt it for kids
Bono, Pam E 9781571200907 14000209
Pieces to Fit
Instant Quilt Borders from Easy Blocks
Snyder, Sheila Sinclair E 1-56477-561-5 14000500
Quilting, patchwork, appliqué, and trapunto
trad. methods and orig. designs
Newman, Thelma R E 0-517-516101 14000632
The new quilt
: Dairy Barn Quilt National
Fletcher, Hilary Morrow E 0-942391-99-3 14000760
Slash Your Stash
Scrap Quilts from McCall's Quilting
McCall's Quilting E 1-60468-070-9 14001621
Quilt National 2005
The Best of Contemporary Quilts
Quilt National E 1-57990-677-X 14001750
A Patchwork Christmas
Echols, Margit E 0-696-02305-9 14001016
Patchwork. Appliqué and Quilting
Australian Needelwork Haritage
Rolfe, Margarete / Moore, Val E 0-85091-578-3 14001144
Piecemakers Country Store
Piecemakers E 1-56477-032-x 14001272
I Believe
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002115
Clever Quarters, Too
More Quilts from Fat Quaters
Dissmore, Susan Teegarden E 1-56477-627-1 14001401
Hearts & Tulips
Appliqué and Masterpiece
Docherty, Margaret E 978-1-57432-974-2 14002250
Quilted Diamonds
Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends
Franz, Linda E 0-9730304-0-2 14002386
Lone stars
Bresenhan, K. P. E 9780292746718 14000029
Machine Quiltmaking
Fun ans Fancy
Smith, Lois E 9780891459415 14000316
Quilting With Style
Principles fore Great Pattern Design
Marston, Gwen / Cunningham, Joe E 0-89145-814-X 14000599
East Quilts West
Sudo, Kumiko E 0-913327-37-9 14000728
Repliqué Quilts
Appliqué Designs from Favorite Photos
Kirsch, Chris Lynn E 1-56477-369-8 14001589
Woodworks Junction
Basinger, Denise / Koller, Diana, Baer, Shirley E 14001112
Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Morocco
Fassett, Kaffe E 1-62710-743-6 14001854
Cider Hill Flannel Quilts
Jensen, Lynette E 14001113
Traditional Quilts
He Easy Way
Hultgren, Sharon E 14001241
Create your own Quilt Labels
Churbuck, Kim E 1-57120-133-5 14002084
Quilting from the Heartland's
A Slice of quilted Spice
Jorgenson, Sharlene E 14001369
Kaleidoscope ABCs
14 step-by-step patterns
Michell, Marti E Eigenverlag 14002218
A Few of My Favorite Miniature QUILTS
Meunier, Christiane E 1-885588-67-4 14002350
Prettylittle mini quilts
Hemachandra, Ray E 978-1-60059-493-9 14002499
Virginia Quilt Museum
Knight, Joan / Frye, Polly / Houck, Carter E 978-1-57427-105-9 14002633
Montano, Judith Baker E 0-914881-59-0 14000139
Excuse me, is this India
Leutwiler, Anita / Ravishankat, Anushka E 81-86211-56-x 14000282
Rotary magic
easy techniques to instantly improv evry quilt you make
Johnson-Srebo, Nancy E 0-87596-783-3 14000422
Sensational Settings
Over 80Ways to Arrange Your Quilt Blocks
Hanson, Joan E 1-56477-521-6 14000567
Judy Murrah's Jacket Jackpot
Murrah, Judy E 1-56477-499-6 14001427
Home for Christmas
Martin, Nancy. J. / Stanley, Sharon E 0-943574-78-1 14000697
Barbara Randle's Crazy Quilting with attitude
Randle, Barbara E 0-87349-664-7 14000825
Not your Grandmother's Flower Garden, too
A Strip-Pieces Quilt Method
Baker, Marci L. E 0-9651439-4-5 14001081
20 projects for stiched and felted accessores
Searle, Teresa E 9780312362140 14001951
Special Patchwork
Knox, Gerald M. ed. E 0-696-01851-9 14001209
Stained Glass Appliqué
The simpel fused way
Brayfield, Brenda / Merechant, Lise E 1-57432-868-9 14001337
Journal Quilts
Berlyn, Ineke E ISBN 978-0-9569268-07 14002180
Award Winning Quilts & Their Makers Vol. II 1988-1989
Faoro, Victoria E 0-89145-985-5 14002315
Strippin' Allong
Applique Quilts on a Roll
Kinsey, Donna / Rocamontes, Linda E 978-1-57421-622-6 14002459
Fan Quilts
Maerke, Marion L. / Schiaffino, Carol E 0-88195-321-0 14002604
Mastering quilt marking
Pepper, Cory E 9781571200778 14000243
On the Surface
Thread Embellishment & Farbic Manipulation
Hill, Wendy E 1-57120-032-0 14000665
Simple Sampler
A Teatch-Yourself Handbook For Beginner Quilters
Barron, Maudine J. E 14001524
Nancy Crow
Nancy Crow E 1-933308-03-6 14000921
The Quilt Patch, Fairfax Virginia
The New Amarican Quilt Shop Series
Pfeifer, Leslie Anne E 1-55477-110-5 14001049
Felting for Kids
Fun Toy, Cool Accessories
Jacobsen, Gry Höjgaard / Hovrby, Sif Höjgaard E 9781564779335 14001919
Sewing Fun Stuff
Soft Sculpture Shortcuts
Farris, Lynne E 0-8069-6164-3 14001177
Hooked on Hankies
Sinema, Laurene / Carruth, Janet E 1-57421-551-5 14001305
Flower Quilts and Bags
Farson, Laura E 0-87349-725-2 14002148
New York
Quilt Art E 0-95276-090-8 14002283
Paper Piece a Flower Garden
Davis, Jodie E 978-1-56477-356-2 14002426
Tradition with a twitch
Young, Blanche E 9781571200020 14000067
Pieced flowers
McDowell, Ruth B. E 9781571200914 14000210
Machine-Embroidered Quilts
Creating with Colorful Stiches
Lokey, Jennifer E 1-56477-516-X 14000501
More Quick Country Quilting
60 New Fast and Fun Projects
Mumm, Debbie E 0-87596-627-6 14000633
The new quilt
: Dairy Barn Quilt National
Fletcher, Hilary Morrow E 1-56158-056-2 14000761
Edges & Finishes In Machine Embroidery
Campbell-Harding, Valerie E 0-7134-8867-0 14001622
Quilt National 2007
The Best of Contemporary Quilts
Quilt National E 1-57990-944-2 14001751
Cool Girls Quilt
More than 15 Fresh, Fun, and Funky Projects
Lum DeBono, Linda E 1-56477-747-2 14001017
Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué
Techniques & Pojects Traditional & Contemporary Designs
Barnes, Christine E 0-376-04664-3 14001145
Heartfelt Holidays Too
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002116
Delightful Quilts in Bloom
Ross, Mary / Scheu, Barbara E 1-57432-949-9 14001402
Scraps to You, too
Caffrey, Debbie E 0-9645777-2-0 14002251
Fabric Bowls
Fast, fun & easy
Johansen, Linda E 1-57120-239-0 14002387
Quilts from the Bible
Barney Cleveland, Susan E 0-8487-1283-8 14002661
Weave it! Quilt it! Wear it!
Caplinger, Mary Ann E 9781564771421 14000317
Creative American Quilting
Knox, Gerald M. ed. E 014005639561 14000600
Raising The Surface With Machine Embroidery
Grey, Maggie E 1-889682-34-9 14001590
The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
Hird, Laurie Aaron E 0-89689-828-8 14001855
creative patchwork
An introduction to Patchwork and Quilting
Field, June E 0-330-24795-6 14001985
Quick Tech
Trip Around the World
Chiles, Lynette / Padgett, Joan / Parrott, Jo E 14001242
South West Textile Group E 14002085
Tile Quilt Revival
Reviving a Forgotten Form
Jones, Carol Gilham / Finley, Bobbi E 978151208019 14001370
Doubledipity: more Serendipity Quilts
Nephew, Sara E ISBN 978-1-930294-05-9 14002219
Twenty-Four Village Blocks
Causee, Linda E 1-59012-051-5 14002351
Color by Accident
Johnston, Ann E 978-0-96567-760-8 14002500
Art of the Needle
100 Masterpiece Quilts from the Shelburne Museum
Henry, Joyce E 078-0-939384-27-2 14002634
Forget me not
Kolter, Jane Bastley E 0-915590-67-0 14000140
The Storii of Beaded Embellishment
Stori, Mary E 9781564773395 14000283
Easy Appliqué Samplers
20 Designs to Mix and Match
Dietrich, Mimi E 1-56477-562-3 14000568
Sassy Cats Purr-fect Craft Projects
Rauen, Sheila Haynes E 1-56477-328-0 14001428
Curves in Motion
Quilt Designs & Techniques
Dales, Judy B. E 1-57120-052-5 14000698
Creative Recycling in Embroidery
Holmes, Val E 9-780713-489866 14000826
Vintage Fabric Accessories
Stylish creations from recycled fabrics
Ishikawa, Kaoru E 1-86470-409-8 14001688
More Favorite Traditional Quilts Made Easy
Parrott, Jo E 1-56477-979-3 14001082
Creative Embellishing
Inspiration and Techniques for the Needle-Punch Machine
Searle, Teresa E 9781408115527 14001952
Quilts from Aunt Amy
Etherington, Mary Tendall / Tesene, Connie E 1-56477-258-6 14001210
Paper Quilting
Creative Designs Using Paper & Thread
Hoff, Briget E ISBN 9780-8069-4560-6 14002028
Scap Quilts fast and fun
Wilens, Patricia E 0-8487-1670-x 14001338
Traditional Quilts to Papier Piece
14 Small Projects
Derksen, Cori / Harder, Myra E 1-56477-478-3 14002181
Award Winning Quitls & Their Makers Vol. III 1990-1991
Faoro, Victoria E 0-89145-809-3 14002316
Sylvia's Bridal Sampler
Elm Creek Quilts
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 978-1-57120-655-8 14002460
The Original Log Cabin Jacket & Vest Book
Burdett, Dale E 14002605
Pieces of my Life
A story of fabrics and passions
Kuroha, Shizuko E 978-2-380-820464 14002683
It's okay if you sit on my quilt book
Hopkins, Mary Ellen E 1-57120-411-3 14000390