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Log Cabins
Neue Techniken für Quilts im traditionellen Blockhausmuster
Kime, Janet D 0-945169-11-6 14000445
The Sampler Quilt
Leone, Diana E 0-94786-01-7 14001231
Imaginative Patchwork
Martin, Peigi / Young, Susan E 0-949773-79-4 14001176
Paradise Flowers
The Ultimate Book of Patchwork Flora
Madden, Angela E 0-952-10605-1 14001280
Pieceful Scenes
Easy Perspective for Patchworkers
Madden, Angela E 0-9521060-4-3 14001766
Patchwork and Quilting, book No. 1
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-9525375-2-4 14000721
Great Britain
Art Textiles of the World E 0-95262-67-2-1 14002286
New York
Quilt Art E 0-95276-090-8 14002283
Quilt Art at 25
A Slice of Quilt Art
Quilt Art E 0-9527609-5-9 14001127
Dialogus and Small Talks
Dialogues between Dr Sue Marks and members of Quilt Art
Marks, Dr Sue E 0-9527609-7-5 14001786
Bonding And Beyond
Book 3
Beaney, Jan / Litteljohn, Jean E 0-9531750-2-2 14001598
Trees as a Theme
Beaney, Jan / Littlejohn. Jean E 0-9531750-6-5 14001268
New Dimensions
in Hand & Machine Embroidery
Beaney, Jan / Littlejohn, Jean E 0-9531750-8-1 14001269
Invisible Machine Applique
Cameron-Dick, Dawn E 0-9532590-2-1 14001431
Dyeing in Plastic Bags
Deighan, Helen E 0-9540333-0-2 14001357
Sew a Row Quilts
Make your own unique quilts with the 'Sew a Row' magic formular
Hellaby, Karin E 0-9540928-0-5 14001047
Rowan Patchwork And Quilting, Book No. 4
Fasset, Kaffe / Horten, Roberta / Mashuta, Mary E 0-9540949-6-4 14001645
Grids To Stitch
book 17
Beaney, Jan / Litteljohn Jean E 0-9546014-6-7 14001597
Making Connections
Around the World withLog Cabin
Rae, Janet / Travis, Dinah E 0-9547459-0-6 14000444
On Form
a sticher's workbook on sculptural textieles
Fibrefusion E 0-9550835-3-2 14001003
Glimpses of New Zealand
Lawther, Gail E 0-9553499-3-1 14001453
Quilt Treasures
The Quilters' Guild Haritage Search
The Quilter's Guild E 0-9564789-0-5 14001073
cut, shape, stich
working creatively with cutting machines
Gray, Maggie/ Packer, Samantha/ Watkins, Paula E 0-9574413-2-0 14001821
Quick and Easy Quilting
Leman, Bonnie E 0-9602970-0-6 14001166
Log Cabin Quilts
Leman, Bonnie / Martin, Judy E 0-9602970-1-4 14002378
The Rainbow Collection
Qulit Patterns for Rainbow Colors
Martin, Judy E 0-9602970-2-2 14002307
traditional and contemporary quilts
Katalog E 0-9602970-9-x 14000249
Scrap quilts
Martin, Judy E 0-9602970-9-X 14002375
Homage to Amanda, 200 Years of American Quilts
Binney, Edwin E 0-9613708-07 14000743
Quilts - Their Story and how to make them
Webster, Marie D. E 0-9620811-6-8 14002001
Building Block Quilts
Nephew, Sara E 0-9621172-1-8 14001707
Building Block Quilts 2
Nephew, Sara E 0-9621172-2-6 14001205
Deck the halls
Smith, Nancy J. / Milligan, Lynda S. E 0-9622477-1-5 14001225
Yesterday`s Charm
Traditional or contemporary Techniques for Creating a Masterpiece
Milligan, Lynda / Smith, Nancy E 0-9622477-8-2 14002242
Designing New Traditions In Quilts
Craig, Sharyn Squier E 0-9622565-1-x 14000746
Tiny Amish Traditions
Trygg Voudrie, Sylvia englisch 0-962565-8-7 14001544
Texture With Textiles
McGehee, Linda F. E 0-9627576-2-4 14000602
John Flynn's Braided Border Step-By-Step Workbook
Flynn, John E 0-9627889-1-0 14001147
Color Fusion
Fiberworks by Laura Heine
Heine, Laura E 0-9641201-5-1 14000667
Quilten - damals & heute
Willing, Karen Bates / Dock, Julie Bates D 0-9641820-1-7 14001576
Attic Annie,
and Andy, too
Palmer, Carolann M. E 0-9641969-0-5 14001103
Scraps to You, too
Caffrey, Debbie E 0-9645777-2-0 14002251
Open a Can of Worms
Caffrey, Debbie E 0-9645777-4-7 14001568
Not Your Grandmotherïs Tumbling Blocks
A Strip-Pieced Quilt Mehode
Baker, Marci L. E 0-9651439-1-0 14001328
Not your Grandmother's Flower Garden, too
A Strip-Pieces Quilt Method
Baker, Marci L. E 0-9651439-4-5 14001081
Into the garden
Oravecz, Cindy Zlotnik E 0-9652160-0-4 14001279
Westminster Patchwork And Quilting, Book No. 3
Fasset, Kaffe / Horton, Roberta / Lucy, Liza Prior E 0-9672985-2-0 14001647
Blended Quilts From in the Beginning
16 Quilts Inspiers by the 1800s
Mc Closkey, Marsha / Yebter, Sharon Evans E 0-9706900-1-0 14000477
Blended Quilts II
From the Beginning
Mc Closkey, Marsha E 0-9706900-5-3 14000478
Debbie Mumm`s birdhouses for every Season
Mumm, Debbie E 0-9707811-0-5 14002233
Insider`s Guide to Quilting Careers
May, Merry / Hahn, Linda J. E 0-9714501-2-9 14002248
Out of the cupboard and onto the bed
Practically Free Quilts from youre Fabric Stash
Ferrier, Beth E 0-9714654-3-6 14001730
Quilting a Poem
Original Designs Inspired By America`s Most Beloved Poets
Kite, Frances / Rowden, Debra E 0-9722739-9-9 14002132
Quilt Visions 2002
Zgliniec, Julia D. E 0-9724664-0-1 14002312
Quilt Visions 2004
Celebrating the Art of Quilt
Sevier, Patti E 0-9724664-1-X 14001745
Quilted Diamonds
Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends
Franz, Linda E 0-9730304-0-2 14002386
Victoria's Scatter Garden
Beaves, Debbie E 0-9741175-1-X 14001378
Let's Make Waves
Amaru, Lily Marie E 0-9744315-0-8 14001648
Crazy Curves
Wilson, Elisa E 0-9745622-0-3 14001383
Women of Design :
Quilts in the Newspaper
Brackman, Barbara E 0-9746012-9-2 14001463
Free Expressions
the art and confessions of a contemporary quilter
Eklow, Robbin Joy E 0-9766928-0-5 14001591
Thread Magic - The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy
Eddy, Ellen Anne englisch 0-976692813 14001599
Portrait Quilts
Paintted Faces You Can DO
McCaffery, Bonnie Lyn E 0-9766934-37 14001612
Postcard Quilts
Reardon, Caroline E 0-9770414-0-9 14002400
Strip Therapy 2
Bali Pop Addiction
Henning, Brenda E 0-9773627-8-7 14001628
Strip Therapy 3
Bali Pop Obsession
Henning, Brenda E 0-9773627-9-5 14001629
Machine Quilting
The Basics & Beyond
Witzenburg, Lynn E 0-9793711-3-9 14001583
More Strip Clubbing
More Graet Quilts for 2 1/2 " Strips
Strout, Daniela / Dell'Orco, Georgette E 0-9795316-1-6 14001267
Great Patchwork: Working with Squares and Rectangl
Bannon, Maryanne E 014005200211 14000879
Creative American Quilting
Knox, Gerald M. ed. E 014005639561 14000600
The friendship quilt book
Golden, Mary E 014021014953 14000144
From Colonial to Contemporary Fro, Colonial to Contemporar
Bullard Lacy Folmar E 042799002995 14000242
Creating Fashion Accessories
Singer sewing reference libary E 052944030254 14000315
Mitred Patchwork
Wright, Margaret K. E 0713445556 14000603
Art of the Needle
100 Masterpiece Quilts from the Shelburne Museum
Henry, Joyce E 078-0-939384-27-2 14002634
Calico and Beyond
The Use of Patterned Fabric in Quilts
Horton, Roberta E 0914881-03-5 14001807
Frauenalltag auf Stoffbildern
Franger, Gaby Hg. D 0937-5848 14001025
One-of-a-Kind Quilts
Hopkins, Judy E 0943574-55-2 14000647
Sewing Projects in an afternoon
Mickey, Susan E 1-402-72238-9 14001372
The Winding Ways Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 1-416-53315-X 14001536
The Lost Quilter
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 1-416-53317-6 14001537
The Aloha Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 1-416-53319-2 14001540
The Framer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt
Hird, Laurie Aaron E 1-440-24146-5 14001849
Stitch It For Spring
Seasonal Sewing projects to Craft and Quilt
Anderson, Lynette E 1-446-30317-9 14001757
Japanese Style Quilt Essentials
Briscoe, Susan E 1-446-30350-0 14001500
A Quilter´s Holiday
Chiaverini, Jennifer englisch 1-451-65821-4 14001539
Memory Quilts
Create treasured heierlooms for loved ones!
Causee, Linda E 1-464-71238-7 14001507
Scraps of Time
Quilting with Treasurd Fabrics
Frischkorn, Ann / Sandrin, Amy E 1-5-477-673-5 14001046
The Quilt Patch, Fairfax Virginia
The New Amarican Quilt Shop Series
Pfeifer, Leslie Anne E 1-55477-110-5 14001049
The Quilting, Patchwork & Applique Project Book
Hall, Dorothea E 1-55521-015-5 14001186
Picture quilts
Masters, Joan E 1-55562-012-4 14000122
A practical guide to patchwork from the USA
Parry, Linda E 1-55562-032-9 14000055
Family Ties
Old quuilt patterns from new cloth
Burdick, Nancilu Butler E 1-55853-134-3 14001053
The Careless Quilter
Decide-as-you-sew, Design-as-you-go Quiltmaking
Miller, Kristin E 1-55853-296-X 14001405
A communion of the spirits
African-American Quilters, Preservers, and Ther Stories
Freeman, Roland L E 1-55853-425-3 14000413
Vision quilt expressions
Graves, Stevii Thompson E 1-55853-678-7 14002025
Cushions & Quilts
Swe in aweekand
o.A. E 1-55870-494-9 14000393
A treasury of Amish quilts
Pellman, Rachel E 1-56148-000-2 14000196
Favorite Applique Patterns I
Benner Cheryl A. / Pellman, Rachel T. E 1-56148-073-8 14000936
Favorite Applique Patterns II
Benner Cheryl A. / Pellman, Rachel T. E 1-56148-074-6 14000937