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Color Magic For Quilters
Absolutley the Easiest, Most Successfu Method for Choosing Colors and Fabrics to Create Quilts You'll Love
Seely, Ann / Stewart, Joyce E 0-87596-755-8 14001690
Drafting & Design Simplified
Dunn, Sarah Sacks E 0-87596-760-3 14001326
Fast & Fun Machine Qulting
Costello, Karen E 0-87596-761-2 14001348
Rotary magic
easy techniques to instantly improv evry quilt you make
Johnson-Srebo, Nancy E 0-87596-783-3 14000422
Appliqué Made Easy
Soltys, Karen Castello E 0-87596-813-9 14000972
The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts
Jensen, Lynette E 0-87596-963-1 14000898
Sunshine and Shadow
The Amish and Their Quilts
Haders, Phyllis E 0-87663-236-3 14001986
Book of Quilt Making
Guild, Vera E 0-87851-017-6 14001184
Successful Quilting
A Step-by-Step Guide To Mastering the Techniques Of Pieving, Appliqué & Quilting
Seward, Linda E 0-87857-993-1 14001197
African Printed Textile Designs
Horn, Diane V. E 0-88045-135-1 14002475
Quilting for People who don't have time to quilt
Book one: seq-before-you-cut-Patchwork
Michel, Marti E 0-88195-187-0 14002407
Irish Quilts
Monahan, Elizabeth A. / Hardesty, Helen E 0-88195-229-x 14000929
Fan Quilts
Maerke, Marion L. / Schiaffino, Carol E 0-88195-321-0 14002604
Weekend Lock Cabin Quilt
for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt
Michell, Marti E 0-88195-349-0 14001546
Drunkard`s Path
Murphy, Anita E 0-88195-351-2 14000066
Secrets of Reverse Applique
Hints and Techniques from a prize-winning quilter
Holbrook Jevne, Agnes E 0-88195-652-X 14002304
Learn to do Hand Quilting in just one day
... and than practice for the rest of your life
Brenan Daniel, Nancy E 0-88195-783-6 14001547
101 Log Cabin Blocks
with full size Patterns for Foundation Piecing
Causee, Linda E 0-88195-842-5 14002431
Learn to make a crazy Quilt
Wie sei diesen traditionellen Quilt machen können
Causee, Linda D/E/F/Sp 0-88195-873-5 14001252
Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces
Shaw, Robert E 0-88363-396-5 14000747
Quilt Masterpieces
Pfeffer, Susanne E 0-88363-680-8 14000896
A Medieval Alphabet to illuminate
Bellerophon Books E 0-88388-001-6 14001420
A people and their quilts
Irwin, John Rice E 0-88740-024-8 14000680
the state of an art ; Quilt National '85
Roe, Nancy E 0-88740-040-x 14000756
Quilts, The State of an Art
Quilt National 1985
Roe, Nancy / Panich, Holly ed. E 0-88740-040-x 14000901
Fiber Expressions
The Contemporary Quilt
Flatcher, Hillary Morrow E 0-88740-093 14000230
Fiber Expressions / The Contemporary Quilt
Quilt National E 0-88740-093-0 14002282
New Quilts - Interpretations & Innovations
Quilt National E 0-88740-157-0 14001676
Curved Strip-Piecing
A New Technique
Stothers, Marilyn E 0-88925-899-6 14000764
Dye painting!
Johnston, Ann E 0-89145-803-4 14000226
Award Winning Quitls & Their Makers Vol. III 1990-1991
Faoro, Victoria E 0-89145-809-3 14002316
Quilting With Style
Principles fore Great Pattern Design
Marston, Gwen / Cunningham, Joe E 0-89145-814-X 14000599
Award Winning Quilts & Their Makers Vol. IV 1992-1993
Faoro, Victoria E 0-89145-829-8 14002313
Fabric Postcards
Warren, Judi E 0-89145-833-6 14001743
New Patterns from old Architecture
Wagner, Carol E 0-89145-840-9 14002391
Tessellation & Variations
Creating One-Patch & Two-Patch Quilts
Caron, Barbara Ann E 0-89145-844-1 14000442
Log Cabin with a Twist
Kaempfer, Barbara T. E 0-89145-855-7 14000651
Log Cabin Quilts
New Quilts from an Old Favorite
Faoro, Victoria E 0-89145-857-3 14001675
A Spectrum of Quilts 1983 - 1995
Fallert, Caryl Bryer E 0-89145-874-3 14000755
Liberated Quiltmaking
Marston, Gwen E 0-89145-878-6 14002355
Borders & Finishing Touches
Browning, Bonnie K. E 0-89145-899-9 14001393
Quilts and Influences
Crow, Nancy E 0-89145-944-8 14001248
A Treasury Of Quilting Designs
Emery, Linda Goodmon E 0-89145-948-0 14002256
Heirloom Miniatures
Gravatt, Tina M. E 0-89145-957-X 14000689
The art of handappliqué
Fritz, Laura Lee E 0-89145-964-2 14001167
No Dragons on my Quilt
Laury, Jean Ray E 0-89145-967-7 14000694
Award Winning Quilts & Their Makers Vol. I 1985-1987
Faoro, Victoria E 0-89145-972-3 14002314
Wonderful Wearables
A Celebration of Creative Clothing
Avery, Virginia E 0-89145-980-4 14000766
Award Winning Quilts & Their Makers Vol. II 1988-1989
Faoro, Victoria E 0-89145-985-5 14002315
Quilt Groups Today
Who They Are, Where They Meet, What They Do, and How to Contact Them
American Quilter's Society E 0-89145-999-5 14000009
Sansational Scrap Quilts
Williamson, Darra Duffy E 0-891459-983-9 14002002
Conway Album Quilt
Patterns and Techniques for Prize-Winning Appliqué
Hatcher, Irma Gail E 0-89195-479-9 14000971
Quilting School
A compliete quide to patchwork and quilting
Poe, Ann E 0-89577-471-2 14001143
Patchwork, Quilting and Appliqué
THe complete guide to all the essential Techniques
Dobson, Jenni E 0-89577-971-4 14001163
The Quilters' Guild Collection
Contemporary Quilts - Heritage Inspiration
Long, Bridget E 0-89689-185-2 14001741
log cabin quilts with attitude
a new twist on an old favorite
Rotz, Sharon V. E 0-89689-308-1 14000948
The Art Of Landscape Quilting
Zieman, Nancy / Sewell, Natalie E 0-89689-314-6 14001585
Joanie's Design Elements
8 Easy Lessons to Adapt and Use Quilting Designs
Poole, Joanie Zeier E 0-89689-522-X 14001606
simple Stained Glass quilts
Greig, Daphne / Mark, Susan Purney E 0-89689-582-3 14001433
Joanie's Quilting Elements
7 Simple Steps to Navigate and Stich
Poole, Joanie Zeier E 0-89689-650-1 14001605
The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
Hird, Laurie Aaron E 0-89689-828-8 14001855
The Stenciled Quilt
Sturmer, Marie Monteith E 0-89909-103-2 14001228
Quilt Art
Nottingham Castle Museum E 0-905634-15-2 14001229
Quilt Art, Nottingham Castle Museum
Butter, Michaela E 0-905654-15-2 14000770
Pacific Patchwork
New approaches to quilt and design
Cole, Shari E 0-908575-78-5 14001115
The Curved Two-Patch System
A Quilter's Exciting Discovery for Creating Pieces Flowers, Foliage and Other Patterns
Schlotzhauer, Joyce M. E 0-9114440-56-x 14000614
Design & sew it yourself
a Workbook for Creative Clothing
Ericson, Lois u. Diane E 0-911985-00-x 14000305
Fabrics .....Reconstructed
a collection of surface changes
Ericson, Lois e 0-911985-03-4 14001870
... contemporary use of pleated fabric
Ericson, Lois E 0-911985-05-0 14000306
Quilt like a pro
From Bsics to Brautiful
Wood, Kaye E 0-913265-00-4 14001260
Starmakers Ablaze
35 Complete Quilt Pattern
Wood, Kaye E 0-913265-14-4 14001259
The Quilt Digest, Nr. 2
Kiracofe, Roderick / Kile, Michael E 0-913327-01-8 14001662
The Quilt Digest, Nr. 3
Kile Michael M. E 0-913327-02-6 14001663
The Quilt Digest
Kile, Michael M. ed. E 0-913327-06-9 14000759
The art quilt
MacMorris, Penny / Kile, Michael E 0-913327-07-7 14000666
Hearts and Hands,
Influence of Women & Quilts on American Society
Ferrero, Hedges, Silber E 0-913327-14-X 14000629
Quilts Galore!
Quiltmaking Styles and Techniques
McClun, Diana / Nownes, Laura E 0-913327-21-2 14001709
Grandmother's Flower Garden - The Classic Quilt Series 2
Nownes, Laura E 0-913327-22-0 14001626
Double Wedding Ring
Nownes, Laura E 0-913327-23-9 14001223
Star Of Bethlehem
The classic Qult Series 1
Nownes, Laura E 0-913327-25-5 14001627
Pattern on Pattern
Spectaculat Quilts from Traditional Blocks
McDowell, Ruth B. E 0-913327-31-X 14000692
Kids making Quilts for Kids
A young person's guide for having fun while helping others
ABC Quilts E 0-913327-36-0 14001169
East Quilts West
Sudo, Kumiko E 0-913327-37-9 14000728
Jinny Beyer's Color Confidence for Quilters
Beyer, Jinny E 0-913327-39-5 14000628
Incredible Quilts for Kids of all Ages
Laury, Jean Ray E 0-913327-40-9 14000706
Curves unlimited
Espanding the Curve Tow-Patch System to Soft Shapes
Schlotzhauer, Joyce M. E 0-914440-78-0 14001261
The scraplook
Beyer, Jinny E 0-914440-86-1 14000218
The Quilter's Album of Blocks & Borders
Beyer, Jinny E 0-914440-92-6 14000642
Hexagon Magic
Using the Verstile Six-Side Shape
Elwin, Janet B E 0-914440-950 14000394
Fantastic Figures
-ideas &Techniques Using the New Clays
Oroyan, Susanna E 0-914881-00-0 14000596
An Amish Adventure
A Workbook for Color in Quilts
Horton, Roberta E 0-914881-01-9 14001100
The Crazy Quilt Handbook
Montano, Judith E 0-914881-05-1 14000320
Working in miniature - A Machine Piecing Approch to Minature Quilts
Schaefer, Becky englisch 0-914881-06-x 14000382
Mariner`s Compass
an American quilt classic
Mathieson, Judy E 0-914881-11-6 14000597
The Flying Geese Quilt
Young, Blanche / Young, Helen E 0-914881-13-2 14000693
The Irish Chain Quilt
Young, Blanche / Young / Helen E 0-914881-14-0 14001695
for contemporary quilt designs an other mediums
Pasquini, Katie E 0-914881-18-3 14000703
3 dimensional design
Pasquini, Katie E 0-914881-19-1 14000247
A Celebration of Hearts
A Sempler of Hart Motifes for Quilting, Patchwork and Appliqué
Wells, Jean / Anderson, Mariana E 0-914881-22-1 14001107
Baltimore Beauties and Beyond
Studies in Classic Album Quilts Appliqué
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 0-914881-23-x 14001353