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Plain & fancy
country quilts of the Pennsylvania-Germans
Schorsch, Anita E 0-8069-7432-X 14001814
Lap Quilting
how to make beautiful quilted projects
Breckenridge, Muriel E 0-8069-7522-9 14000911
Contemporary Patchwork Quilts:
a Stich in Our Time
Major, Connie E 0-8069-7634-9 14001791
Patchwork Quilts to make for children
Rolfe, Margaret E 0-8069-8498-8 14000705
Seasonal Quilting
A Year in stiches
Fall, Cheryl E 0-8069-8658-1 14001188
North Carolina Quilts
Fickling Eanes, Ellen und weitere E 0-8078-4234-6 14002360
Designing Tessellations
The Secrets of Interlocking Patterns
Beyer, Jinny E 0-8092-2866-1 14001363
A fine line
Techniques and Inspirations for Creating the Quilt Design
Crust, Melody E 0-8092-9884-8 14000510
Great Little Quilts - 45 Antique Crib an Doll-size Quilts
Levie, Eleanor englisch 0-8109-3353-5 14000742
The Masterpiece Sampler Quilt
Wilder, Donner / u.a. E 0-8195-753-4 14001059
Color choices
Making color sense out of color theory
Quiller, Stepen E 0-8230-0696-4 14000318
Creative Quilting
Brown, Elsa E 0-8230-1105-4 14001152
Strip Quilting
Wold, Diane E 0-8306-2822-3 14000492
America's Quilts
Created by the Countr's Best Quilters
Galerie Book E 0-8317-0360-1 14000748
Quilting and patchwork project book
Guerrier, Katherine E 0-8317-6740-5 14000117
Silk Quilts
From the Silk Road to the Quilter's Studio
Koning-Stapel, Hanne Vibeke de E 0-8442-2081-7 14000417
Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!
The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking
McClun, Diana / Nownes Laura E 0-8442-2616-5 14000457
East Quilts West
Sudo, Kumiko E 0-8442-2637-8 14001449
That perfect Stitch
The Secrets of Fine Hand Quilting
McElroy, Roxanne E 0-8442-2652-1 14000421
Quick Little Quilts - The Complete Guide to Making Miniature and LapQuilts
Wickell, Janet / Stidmann, Donna englisch 0-8442-2659-9 14001584
The Quilter's Book of Design
Johnston, Ann E 0-8442-2660-2 14002361
Harmonies & Hurricanes
Color and Line in Japanese Quilts
Sudo, Kumiko E 0-8442-2661-0 14000713
Crazy Patchwork
Haigh, Janet E 0-8442-2664-5 14000974
Quilting Curves
An Innovative Technique for Machine-Piecing Curves
Pignatelli, Vikki E 0-8442-4249-7 14000402
Harriet Powers's Bible Quilts
Perry, Regina A. E 0-8478-1653-2 14001815
Red & White
American Redwork Quilts Band I Redwork Petterns Band II
Harding, Deborah E 0-8478-2244-3 14000476
Prize Country Quilts
Designs Patterns Projects
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth E 0-8487-0444-4 14001189
Erica Wilson`s Quilts of Amerika
Wilson, Erica E 0-8487-0504-1 14000004
Great American Quilts 1989
O' Brien, Sandra L. E 0-8487-0748-6 14001426
Bright Ideas for Lap Quilting
Bonesteel, Georgia E 0-8487-1003-7 14000605
Quilt with the Best
Hagood, Carol Cook ed. E 0-8487-1078-9 14000288
Best Selling Bazaar Patchwork
Abrelat, Barbara H. E 0-8487-1092-4 14000617
Quilt with the Best
Hagood, Carol Cook E 0-8487-1175-0 14000627
Quilts from the Bible
Barney Cleveland, Susan E 0-8487-1283-8 14002661
Great American Quilts Book Two
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1401-6 14001318
Great American Quilts Book Three
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1461-x 14001319
More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts
Bono, Pam E 0-8487-1514-4 14001652
Great American Quilts Book Four
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1526-8 14001320
Great American Quilts 1998
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1616-7 14002099
Great American Quilts Book Five
Newbill, Carol L. E 0-8487-1617-5 14001321
Scap Quilts fast and fun
Wilens, Patricia E 0-8487-1670-x 14001338
Great American Quilts Book Six
Cleveland, Susan Ramey / Wamble, Rhonda Richards E 0-8487-1695-7 14001322
Great American Quilts Book Seven
Wilens, Patricia E 0-8487-1893-3 14001323
Great American Quilts Book Nine
Wilens, Patricia E 0-8487-2447-x 14001324
Quilter's complete guide
Revised Edition
Fons, Marianne, Liz, Porter E 0-8487-2466-6 14000416
Big Book of Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts
Bono, Pam E 0-8487-2467-4 14002104
Enyclopedia Of Classic Quilt Patterns
Leisure Arts E 0-8487-2474-7 14001625
Landscape Quilts
Create Sunning Fabrice Paintings
Zieman, Nancy / Sewell, Natalie E 0-8487-2483-6 14001607
Great American Quilts 2003
Book Ten
Richards, Rhonda E 0-8487-2562-x 14001312
Great American Quilts Book Eleven
Richards, Rhonda E 0-8487-2630-6 14001325
Great American Quilts 1987
O`Brien, Sandra L. E 0-8487-6969-X 14002098
Patchwork. Appliqué and Quilting
Australian Needelwork Haritage
Rolfe, Margarete / Moore, Val E 0-85091-578-3 14001144
Contemporary - British Quilt Art
Nelson, Christine E 0-85219-751-9 14001742
Good housekeeping quilting and patchwork
Miller, Melanie E 0-85223-276-4 14000749
The passionate quilter
Walker, Michele E 0-85223-885-1 14001243
Inspirational ideas for embroidery
on Clothes & Accessories
Lawther, Gail E 0-85532-711-1 14000427
Contemporary quilts
a stunning collection from international designers
Hallas, Barbara E 0-85532-774-X 14000754
Silk Ribbon Embroidery I
Cox, Ann E 0-85532-835-5 14000463
Silk Ribbon Embroidery II
Cox, Ann E 0-85532-948-3 14000464
The art and craft of appliqué
Bawden, Juliet E 0-85533-921-7 14000606
Patchwork Quilts in Australia
Rolfe, Margeret englisch 0-86436-072-x 14001997
101 Sewing Secrets
Singer, Sewing Reference Library E 0-86573-249-7 14001334
Quilting by Machine
Singer E 0-86573-254-x 14001101
More Creative Sewing Ideas
Singer Sewing Reference Library E 0-86573-276-0 14001368
Quilting for beginners
Creative Publishing E 0-86573-327-9 14001153
the art fabric: mainstream
Constantine, Mildred / Lenor Larsen, Jack E 0-87011-754-8 14002264
Make your own Japanese clothes
Patterns and Ideas for Modern Wear
Marshall, John E 0-87011-865-x 14000491
Patchwork & Quilting Book
Ondori E 0-87040-498-9 14000601
Fine Patchwork & Quilting
Ondori E 0-87040-557-8 14000613
Patchwork for your Home
Ondori E 0-87040-585-3 14000640
You can be a super quilter
A Teach-Yourself Manual For Beginners
Hassel, Carla J. E 0-87069-294-1 14001297
Creating PA NADU Appliqué
A New Approach to an Ancient Art Form
Hassel, Carla J. E 0-87069-390-5 14001988
Patchwork plus!
Lamphier, Mary Jane E 0-87069-416-2 14001171
Snowflakes in the sun
A How-to Guide to Hawaiian Quiltmaking.
Stewart, Cahrlyne Jaffe E 0-87069-451-0 14000626
Contemporary quilts USA
A Cultural #Presentation of the USA
BostenUniversrity E 0-87270-069-0 14000246
Attic Windows quilts with a view
Leone, Diana / Walter, Cindy E 0-87341-834-4 14001340
Fabric Landscapes By Machine
Decorative Stitching Styles for Quilted Scenes
Crone, Linda E 0-87341-836-0 14001587
More Snippet Sensation
Walter, Cindy E 0-87341-915-4 14002091
Dyeing & Painting Fabric
Walter, Cindy / Priestley, Jennifer E 0-87349-334-6 14002199
Christmas Celebration
Walter, Cindy E 0-87349-420-2 14002183
Motifs for Crazy Quilting
Techniques for embroidering and embellishing crasy quilts
Michler, J. Marsha E 0-87349-427-X 14000981
A Forest of Quilts
Designs for Those Who Love the Outdoors
Kralik, Terrie E 0-87349-553-5 14001436
Embroidery Machine Essentials
Basic Techniques with CD
Twigg, Jeanine E 0-87349-580-2 14002200
Barbara Randle's Crazy Quilting with attitude
Randle, Barbara E 0-87349-664-7 14000825
The Magic of Crazy Quilting
A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting
Michler, J. Marsha E 0-87349-724-4 14000465
Flower Quilts and Bags
Farson, Laura E 0-87349-725-2 14002148
Fast-Folder Flower Quilts and Bags
30 Projects for You and Your Home
Farson, Laura E 0-87349-725-2 14000449
Contemporary Quilting
Walter, Cindy / Graves, Stevii E 0-87349-749-X 14002587
Prairie Quilts
Projects for the home inspired by the life and times of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Wilson, Johanna E 0-87349-773-2 14001023
Contemporay Machine Embroidered Quilts
Roche, Eileen E 0-87349-878-X 14002167
The Amish Circle Quilt
Youngs, Rosemary E 0-87349-891-7 14002536
Fashion Sweatshirts
Easy Projects to Alter ans Embellish Ready-mades
Mason, Lorine E 0-87349-912-3 14001365
The Collector`s Dictionary of Quilt Names & Patter
Khin, Yvonne M. E 0-87491-408-6 14001117
Quick & Easy Quiltmaking
Hickey, Mary / Martin, Nancy / McCloskey, Marsha / Nephew, Sara E 0-87596-576-8 14002596
Quiltmaking tips and techniques
Over 1000 Creative Ideas to Make Your Quiltmaking Quicker, Easier and aLot More Fun
Townswick, Jane E 0-87596-588-1 14000424
Amrican Country Scrap Quilts
31 Projects Featuring Timesaving Rotaty-Cutting Techniques
Porter, Liz / Fons, Marianne E 0-87596-626-8 14001705
More Quick Country Quilting
60 New Fast and Fun Projects
Mumm, Debbie E 0-87596-627-6 14000633
Patchwork Quilts Made Easy
Make a Quilt You Can Be Prous of in Just Thee Days!
Wells, Jean E 0-87596-628-4 14000639
Americaïs Best Quilting Projects
Fons, Marianne / Porter, Liz E 0-87596-642-X 14001359
Fast, Fun & Fabulous Quilts
30 terrifc projects from the country's most creative designers
Nelson, Suzanne ed. E 0-87596-709-4 14000655