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Quilting, patchwork, appliqué, and trapunto
trad. methods and orig. designs
Newman, Thelma R E 0-517-516101 14000632
Quilting,Patchwork,Applique, and Trapunto
Newman, Thelmar R. E 0-517-51611x 14000223
the contemporary crazy quilt project book
Haywood, Dixie E 0-517-52658-1 14001251
Star Quilts
With Patterns for More Than 30 Stars
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth E 0-517-57418-7 14000707
Glorious Patchwork
More than 25 Glorious Quilt Designs
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-517-70853-1 14000664
A gallery of Amish quilts
Bishop, Robert E 0-525-47444-7 14000197
Crib Quilts and other small wonders
Woodard, Thos.K. E 0-525-47628-8 14000214
Crazy Quilts
McMorris, Penny E 0-525-48009-5 14000668
Quilts from the Indiana Amish
Pottinger, David E 0-525-48043-9 14000198
Diamond Patchwork
Gutcheon, Jeffrey E 0-525-48094-5 14001293
Hands all around
Bishop, Robert E 0-525-48280 14000113
Japanes Quilts
Liddell, Jill / Youko Watanabe E 0-525-48386-1 14001702
The Romance of Double Wedding Ring Quilts
Bishop, Robert E 0-525-48477-9 14000696
Stitched from the Soul,
Slave Quilts from the Ante-Bellum South
Fry, Gladys-Marie E 0-525-48535-x 14000745
Discover America and Friends Sharing America
Award-Winning Quilts Created for The Great American Quilt Festval 3
o.A. E 0-525-48591-0 14000758
New York Beauties
Quilts from the Empire State
Atkin, Jacqueline M. / Temper, Phillis A. E 0-525-48598-8 14001058
The changing seasons
quilt patterns from Japan
Liddell, Jill E 0-525-48601-1 14000716
Discovering Patchwork
Richardson, Rosamond / Griffiths, Erica E 0-563-16212-0 14001298
Protea Designs for Piecing & Quilting
Fourie, Maretha E 0-624-02257-9 14000685
Wickell, Janet Armstron E 0-658-00494-8 14001146
Quilts for Babies & Children
Hinson, Dolores A. E 0-668-05986-9 14000631
Glorious American Quilts
The Quilt Collection of the Museum of American Folk Art
Warren, Elizabeth V. / Eisenstat, Sharon L. E 0-670-86913-9 14002000
Denton, Susan / Macey, Barbara E 0-670-90126-1 14001708
The patchwork point of view
Jarnow, Jill E 0-671-21957-x 14000141
First Prize Quilts
50 award-winning designs by Amarica's favorite quilt makers
Makris, Dimetra E 0-671-46938-x 14000616
How To make an American Quilt
Otto, Whitney E 0-679-40070-2 14002040
the art of the quilt
Hughes, Robert / Silber, Julie E 0-679-75142-4 14000751
Trapunto and other forms of raised quilting
Morgan, Mary / Mosteller, Dee E 0-684-16942-8 14000634
Easy Lessons for Quilt Design & Constructon
Martin, Judy E 0-684-17945-8 14001418
Plenty of patches
Ratner, Marilyn E 0-690-03836-4 14000137
Great Patchwork: Working with Triangles
Bannon, Maryanne E 0-696-00087-3 14000880
Better Homes and Gardens Appliqué
Knox, Gerald E 0-696-00435-6 14001160
American Patchwork & Quilting
Knox, Gerald M. ed E 0-696-01015-1 14000621
Patchwork & Quilting
Knox, Gerald ed. E 0-696-01395-9 14000914
Special Patchwork
Knox, Gerald M. ed. E 0-696-01851-9 14001209
A Patchwork Christmas
Echols, Margit E 0-696-02305-9 14001016
Small Quilt Crafts
Geiger, Jennifer E 0-696-02319-9 14001181
Scrap Saver's Gift Stitchery
Foose, Sandra Lounsbury E 0-696-02339-3 14000383
Small Patchwork & Quilting
Linsley, Leslie E 0-696-02380-6 14001165
Lullaby Quilts for Babies and Dolls
Boyles, Margaret E 0-696-02381-4 14001157
Quilt-Lovers' Favorites
From American Patchwork and Quilting
Kaisand, Heidi Ed. E 0-696-21303-6 14000882
505 Quilt Blocks
Plus 36 beautifu projects to make
Dahlstrom, Carol Field E 0-696-21653-1 14000622
Quiltmaking for your home
Gonin,Eileen / Newton, Jill E 0-7064-0349-5 14001158
Making Patchwork Quilts
With 40 Quilt Block Designs
MacDonald, Jessie E 0-7090-2560-2 14001180
The art of the needle
designing in fabric and thread
Beaney, Jan E 0-7126-1942-9 14000672
At The V & A
Knitting and Needlepoint
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-7126-2236-5 14001697
Glorious Inspiration
Kaffe Fassett's Needlepoint Source Book
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-7126-4799-6 14001698
Colby, Avril E 0-7134-0392-6 14000128
technique, design and application
Short, Eirian E 0-7134-15401 14000654
Patchwork from Mosaics
Patchwork from the stones of Venice
Fairfield, Helen E 0-7134-4458-x 14000636
Appliqué Quiltmaking
Bass, Charlotte Christiansen E 0-7134-4741-9 14001179
Seminole Patchwork
Brandebourg, Margaret E 0-7134-5131-9 14002602
Blackwork Embroidery
Design & Zechnique
Pascoe, Margaret E 0-7134-5145-9 14000489
Blackwork Embroidery
Design and Technique
Pascoe, Margaret E 0-7134-5146-7 14000365
A Practical Approach to Design and Construction
Tucker, Dorothy E 0-7134-5349-4 14001447
Machine Patchwork
Technique and design
Osler, Dorothy E 0-7134-5766-X 14001174
The Appliqué Quilt
Travis, Dinah E 0-7134-7035-6 14000619
Contemporary Quilts
Design, Surface and Stich
Meech, Sandra E 0-7134-8856-5 14002035
Edges & Finishes In Machine Embroidery
Campbell-Harding, Valerie E 0-7134-8867-0 14001622
New Approaches
Beaney, Jan E 0-7134-8887-5 14001586
Machine Embroidery Stiched Patterns
Campbell-Haring, Valerie E 0-7134-8908-1 14001514
Embroiderer`s And Quilter's Sourcebook
Thompson, Angela E 0-7134-8953-7 14002187
Fusing fabric
creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron
Beal, Margaret E 0-7134-8956-1 14000548
Landscape in Contemporary Quilts
Berlyn, Ineke E 0-7134-8974-X 14000551
Creative Quilts
Inspiration, Textur & Stitch
Meech, Sandra E 0-7134-9006-3 14001271
The sampler quilt workbook
Travis, Dinah E 0-713461047 14000260
Patchwork Patterns
Beyer, Jinny E 0-7135-1346-2 14000638
Textile Arts
Multicultural Traditions
Singer, Margo / Spyrou, Mary E 0-7136-3197-X 14000813
The Patchwork Planner
350 Orginal Designs For Traditional Patchwork
Hilberg, Birte E 0-7153-0612-x 14001311
Quilt It!
Quilting ideas and inspiration for patchwork and appliqué
Chainey, Barbara E 0-7153-0799-1 14001667
21 Terrific Patchwork Bags
Briscoe, Susan E 0-7153-1443-2 14001653
The Paintes Quilt
Paint and Print Techniques for Color in Quilts
Kemshall, Linda / Kemshall, Laura E 0-7153-2450-0 14000828
Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags
A gorgeous gathering of bags for every day
Briscoe, Susan E 0-7153-2978-2 14001646
Jelly Roll Inspirations
A step-by-step guide to making 12 winning Jelly Roll quilts
Lintott, Pam / Lintott, Nicky E 0-7153-3311-9 14001422
Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts
Lintott, Pam / Lintott, Nicky E 0-7153-3756-4 14001362
The Sugar Camp Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer E 0-7432-6019-8 14001538
The Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques
Guerrier, Katharine E 0-7472-0849-2 14002207
Ralli Quilts
Traditonal Textiles from Pakistan and India
Stoddard, Patricia Ormsby E 0-7643-1697-4 14001132
Amish Abstractions
Quilts from the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown
Smucker, Janneken / Shaw, Robert / Cunningham, Joe E 0-7649-5165-3 14001264
Selina an the Bear Paw Quilt
Smucker, Barbara E 0-7737-5837-2 14001021
Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum
Warren, Elizabeth V. E 0-7893-2907-7 14001769
Patchwork and Appliqué Patterns
Nel, Martini / Laurie, Via E 0-7981-2232-3 14001289
The Complete Book of Machine Quilting
Fanning, Robbie / Fanning, Tony E 0-8019-6803-8 14000912
The Quilting Primer
Frager, Dorothy E 0-8019-6817-5 14000913
Putting on the Glitz
Unusial Fabrics & Threads for Quilting and Sewing
Hatch, Sandra L, , Ann Boyce E 0-8019-8018-6 14000407
Scraps quits Using Fast Patch
The economy of scraps, the speed of strip piecing
Hallock, Anita E 0-8019-8116-6 14001987
Designing Your Own Quilts
Willow, Ann Soltow E 0-8019-8244-8 14001574
Pictorial Quilts
Stich an Art Quilt by Hand or Machine
Hall, Carolyn Vosburg E 0-8019-8245-6 14000757
The complete QUILTING course
Rediscover traditional quilting skills with 25 Step-by-Step Projects
Lawther, Gail E 0-8019-8358-4 14001543
Three-Dimensional Pieced Quilts
Davis, Jodie E 0-8019-8390-8 14002397
Barbara Johannah's Crystal Piecing
Johannah, Barbara E 0-8019-8400-9 14000765
Creative Triangles for Quilters
Elwin, Janet B. E 0-8019-8477-7 14002388
Sherley Botsford's Daddy's Ties
Quilts, Keepsakes & Projects To Make From Ties
Botsford, Shirley E 0-8019-8521-8 14001666
All Quilt Blocks are not Square
Innovative Piecing and Quilting of Hexagons, Triangles, Curves, and More
Wagner, Debra E 0-8019-8643-5 14001526
Japanese Folded Patchwork
Techniques, Projects, and Designs of a Uniqe Asia Craft
Clark, Mary Clare E 0-8019-9046-7 14000715
Nebraska quilts & quiltmakers
Crews, Patricia Cox / Naugle, Ronald Clinton E 0-8032-6346-5 14000669
Creative Sewing Projects with Computerized Machine
Hastings, Pamela J. E 0-8069-0357-0 14001404
Quilting Shortcuts
Malone, Maggie E 0-8069-4788-8 14000915
Innovative Machine Patchwork Piecing
Risinger, Hettie E 0-8069-5486-8 14001173
Sewing Fun Stuff
Soft Sculpture Shortcuts
Farris, Lynne E 0-8069-6164-3 14001177