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Patchwork Quilten für Zuhause
Die schönsten Ideen aus Lena Special Patchwork
D 978-3-86673-223-0 14002567
Made in Japan
American Influence on Japanese Quilts
E 14002570
Mit Herz dabei
Aktion zugunsten des SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.
D 14002571
Traditional Japanese Quilt Design
978-1-889682-12-8 14002572
Fabulous Quilts from Favorite Patterns
Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine
E 1-56477-468-6 14002149
Patchwork kreativ
50 pfiffige Ideen
D 987-3-8427-0953-9 14002539
Patchwork Quilt 1989
D 14002608
Prettylittle purses & pouches
E 978-1-60059-214-0 14002540
Contemporary Quils USA
E 14002609
Prettylittle patchwork
E 978-1-60059-213-3 14002541
J 14002259
Colourwash Quilts
E 1875-625-135 14002585
Le patchwork contemporain en Suisse III
F/E/D 14002266
Das Zero Waste Nähbuch
Buchbesprechung »
deutsch 978-3772481598 14002523
Quiltskunst - kunstquilt
Verein Quiltkunst
D 14002047
The Classic Quilting of Sashiko
Mariko Akizuki (Übersetzer) englisch 978-0870408540 14001030
Kids making Quilts for Kids
A young person's guide for having fun while helping others
ABC Quilts E 0-913327-36-0 14001169
Kleine Taschen
20 Nähprojekte, hübsch und praktisch
Abel, Saskia D 3-8410-6271-7 14001879
Best Selling Bazaar Patchwork
Abrelat, Barbara H. E 0-8487-1092-4 14000617
Pick Four
Abrey, Sue E 978-1-60468-020-1 14002463
Off Center Patchwork
Adam, Cheryl A. E 978-1-57432-802-6 14002620
Quiltmaking Made Easy
Adams, Pauline E 9781863150101 14000142
Play Quilts
Creative Activety Quilts for Kids
Addison, Kirsten Kolstad E 1-56477-368-X 14000420
Lighthouse Designs for Quilters
Aho, Patricia A. E 9788-7790-5573-5 14001711
The Fiberarts Book of Wearable Art
Aimone, Katherine D. E 1-57990-515-3 14000450
Creative Beginnings in Machine Embroidery
Albin, Patty E 1-57120-327-3 14001355
This old Quilt
A Heartwarming Celebration of Quilts an Quilting Moments
Aldrich, Margret E 978-0-89658-551-4 14002664
Quilting on the go
English paper piesing projects you can take anywhere
Alexandrakis, Jessica E 978-0-7704-3412-0 14002511
Easy Patchwork
Quilten in der englischen Papiertechnik
Alexandrakis, Jessica / Witrogen, Ned D 3-7724-6341-X 14001866
Crazy Quilting
Aller, Allie E 978-1-60705-173-2 14002489
Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, Nr. 65
Amano, Yoshihiro J 1007595040960 14000184
Let's Make Waves
Amaru, Lily Marie E 0-9744315-0-8 14001648
Quilt Groups Today
Who They Are, Where They Meet, What They Do, and How to Contact Them
American Quilter's Society E 0-89145-999-5 14000009
Quilts: the permanent collektion MAQS
American Quilter's Society E 9780891459750 14000056
Gallery of American Quilts, 3
American Quilter's Society E 9780891458012 14000235
Quilt Designs for Postcards
American School of Needlework E 1-59012-133-3 14002123
Colourwash Quilts
A Personal Approach to Design & Technique
Amsden, Deirdre E 1-56477-051-6 14001686
Quilted Animals
Continuous Line Patterns
Amundson, Marta E 1-57432-797-6 14000292
Appliqué Designs
My Mother Taught Me To Sew
Anders, Faye E 1-57432-762-3 14002243
Faces & Places imagined in applique
Andersen, C. W. E 1-57120-000-2 14000002
Shadow Redwork
24 Designs to Mix and Match
Anderson, Alex E 1-57120-156-4 14001277
Quilts for Fabric Lovers
Anderson, Alex E 0-914881-87-6 14002600
Start quilting
Anderson, Alex E 9781571200297 14000116
Fabric shopping
Seven Projects to Help You
Anderson, Alex E 9781571200891 14000228
Rotary Cutting
Anderson, Alex E 9781571200662 14000090
Start quilting
Six Projects for First-Time Quilters
Anderson, Alex E 1-57120-167-X 14000272
Anderson, Alex D 3-87870-688-X 14000821
Fabric Shopping
Seven Projects to Help You
Anderson, Alex E 1-57120-089-4 14001336
Focus on features, lifelike portrayals in applique
Anderson, Charlotte W. E 9781571200532 14000133
Stitch It For Spring
Seasonal Sewing projects to Craft and Quilt
Anderson, Lynette E 1-446-30317-9 14001757
Patchwork Iowa Quilts and Quilters
Andre Schmeal, Jacqueline E 978-0-87745-865-0 14002668
Bastelwerkstatt Stempeln und Drucken
mit Pappe, Moosgummi und Naturmaterialien
Andreani, Claudia / Staiger, Uli D 3-332-01918-X 14001466
Näh mit!
Andresen, Ina D 978-3-7724-7877-2 14002530
dimensional Delights
20 Folding Fabric Screens to Personalize, Embellish + Display
Aneloski, Liz E 1-57120-333-8 14002141
Simple Fabric Folding for Halloween
Buchbesprechung »
Aneloski, Liz englisch 978-1571202871 14001432
Moment Aufnahmen - Impulse und Ideen rund ums textile Skizzenbuch
Buchbesprechung »
Ankenbauer, Britta deutsch 978-3000551680 14002007
Ankenbauer, Britta d 14002014
Drunter & Drüber - Surface Design in der Textilkunst und Mixed Media
Buchbesprechung »
Ankenbauer, Britta deutsch --- (Eigenverlag) 14001010
Näh Dir Deinen Style für jedes Event
Anna von einfach nähen D 978-3-7724-7831-4 14002535
Arkansas Quilts
Arkansas Quilters Guild E 14001704
das genähte Mosaik ; Technik, Muster, Modelle
Armand-Delille, Diane / Bourellis, Marie-Caroline D 3-548-04101-9 14001581
Felted Bags, Boots & other things
Armani, Cendrine E 978-1-84448-282-5 14001890
Lieblingstiere filzen
Gestalten mit Märchenwolle
Armani, Cendrine D 9783772472008 14001891
Wild birds
Armstrong, Carol E 9781571200877 14000215
Quilting with C. Armstrong
30 Quilting Patterns Appliqué Designs 16 Projects
Armstrong, Carol E 1-57120-170-X 14000295
Handbuch Weben
Geschichte, Materialien und Techniken des Handwebens
Arndt, Erika D 978-3-258-60102-1 14001787
The Art Quilt Collection
Around The World E 978-1936096084 14002143
ART Quilt Fusion E 14002048
Great Britain
Art Textiles of the World E 0-95262-67-2-1 14002286
Instinctive Quilt Art
Using improvisational techniques to create vibrant art quilts
Ash, Bethan E 978-1-8499-4009-2 14002430
Big Dogs
Ashton, Darcy E 14002189
Der Lauf des Fadens
Aspekte Galerie D 14000265
Swiss National Exhibition Contemporary Quilt Art
Association Suisse du Patchwork D 14002443
New York Beauties
Quilts from the Empire State
Atkin, Jacqueline M. / Temper, Phillis A. E 0-525-48598-8 14001058
Beading Artistry for Quilts
Bsic Stitches & Embellishments add Texture & Drama
Atkins, Thom E 978-1-60705-584-6 14002513
alias Grace
Atwood, Margaret D 978-3-492-31347-6 14002352
Antique Quilts & Textiles
A price guide to functional and fashionable cloth comforts
Aug, Bobbie / Roy, Gerald E 978-1-57432-374-1 14002629
Quilts Blocks x 9
Aug, Bobbie A. / Newman, Sharon E 1-57432-799-2 14002150
Charm Quilts With Style
Aug, Bobbie A. / Newman, Sharon E 1-57432-751-8 14001762
Vintage Quilts
Identifying, collecting, dating, preserving & valuing
Aug. Bobbie / Newman, Sharon / Roy, Gerald E 978-1-57432-285-0 14002635
Quilts To Wear
Avera, Virginia E 0-486-26336-3 14001444
Wonderful Wearables
A Celebration of Creative Clothing
Avery, Virginia E 0-89145-980-4 14000766
Nifty Neckwear
Avery, Virginia E 0-914881-84-1 14000768
Spaß am Quilten
Einfach und Schnell mit der Nähmaschine
Bach, Dörte D 3-8043-0625-X 14000926
Patchwork-Quilting leicht und schnell
rationell zuschneiden ; moderne Nähtechniken
Bach, Dörte D 3-8043-0282-3 14000675
Bach, Dörte D 9783804304642 14000043
Superidee Patchwork-Quilting - Die schönsten Patchworkmuster schnell genäht
Buchbesprechung »
Bach, Dörte deutsch 978-3426643280 14000857
Quilt & Art
Bach, Dörte / Krusemark-Camin D/E 14002015
Textiler Dialog
Bach, Dörte / Widmann, Helga D 14002016
Das blockSTUDIO, Band 2 - Inspiration für individuelle Farbgestaltung
Buchbesprechung »
Bachem, Francoise / Blattl, Barbara deutsch 978-300024269 14000996
Das blockSTUDIO, Band 3 - Reizvolle Spielereien mit Collagen für individuelles Blockdesign
Buchbesprechung »
Bachem, Francoise / Blattl, Barbara deutsch 978-3941241008 14000997
Rucksäcke nähen
Streetstyle selbstgemacht
Bachler, Theresa D 978-3-8410-6451-6 14002449
American Patchwork Quilts
Bacon, Lenice Ingram E 14000656
Mother plays with dolls
... and finds an important key to unlocking creativity
Bailey, Eleanor Peace E 0-939009-39-0 14000490
Mother plays with dolls
Bailey, Elinor Peace E 0-939009-39-0 14000035
Fargerik patchwork
Baird, Ann E. / Fisker, Ea / Höjgaard, Jette DK 9788204128430 14001892
Not Your Grandmotherïs Tumbling Blocks
A Strip-Pieced Quilt Mehode
Baker, Marci L. E 0-9651439-1-0 14001328
Not your Grandmother's Flower Garden, too
A Strip-Pieces Quilt Method
Baker, Marci L. E 0-9651439-4-5 14001081
Fabulous Flowers
Mini-Quilts in Dimensiol Appliqué
Baker, Sharon K. E 1-56477-610-7 14000562
More fabulous flowers
Mini-Quilts in Dimensional Appliqué
Baker, Sharon K. E 978-1-56477-819-2 14002238