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Titel Autor Sprache ISBN Bibliotheks-Nr.
Colby, Avril E 0-7134-0392-6 14000128
Modern Basics
Easy Quilts to Fit Your Budget, Space and Style
Ellis, Amy E 978-1-60468-015-7 14002343
A communion of the spirits
African-American Quilters, Preservers, and Ther Stories
Freeman, Roland L E 1-55853-425-3 14000413
Clever Quilts Encore
Dissmore, Susan Teegarden E 1-56477-510-0 14000558
The Photo Transfer Handbook
Snap It! Print It! Stitch It
Laury, Jean E 1-57120-064-9 14000688
Not Your Grandmotherïs Tumbling Blocks
A Strip-Pieced Quilt Mehode
Baker, Marci L. E 0-9651439-1-0 14001328
A Medieval Alphabet to illuminate
Bellerophon Books E 0-88388-001-6 14001420
Get Creative! with M'Liss Rae Hawley
A Beginnrs's Guide to Color & and Design for Quilters
Hawley, M'Liss Rae E 1-57120-286-2 14001680
Repiecung the Past
patterns from 12 quilts from the collection of Sara Rhodes Dillow
Dillow, Sara Rhodes E 1-56477-129-6 14001811
Art/Quilt Magazine, Heft 2
Young, Lynn Lewis E 14000092
Quilt it FaB
Appliqué Projects
Sullivan, Linda E 0-28906-03868-2 14002173
Mola Art from the San Blas Islands
Kapp, Kit S. E 14002308
Making Animal Quilts
Paterns and Projects
Soltow, Willow Ann E 0-934672-39-3 14000380
The Joy of Quilting
Hanson, Joan / Hickey, Mary E 1-56477-070-2 14002597
American Patchwork Quilts
Bacon, Lenice Ingram E 14000656
The Complete Book of Machine Quilting
Fanning, Robbie / Fanning, Tony E 0-8019-6803-8 14000912
Collections Two
Kimmel, Gerry / Brannock, Linda / Patek, Jan E 14001168
Just Quilts
8 Updated Traditional Quilt Designs
Romaker, Ruth E 14001296
Let's Make Waves
Amaru, Lily Marie E 0-9744315-0-8 14001648
thresds Sewing Guide
A Complete Reference from america#s Berst-Loved Sewing Magazine
Fresia, Carol E 9781600851445 14001912
A practical guide to patchwork from the USA
Parry, Linda E 1-55562-032-9 14000055
dimensional Delights
20 Folding Fabric Screens to Personalize, Embellish + Display
Aneloski, Liz E 1-57120-333-8 14002141
The best of Baltimore Beauties I
Sienkiewicz, Elly E 9781571200860 14000201
Quilt Visions 1992 / The Art of the Quilt
Bird Timby, Deborah E 978-0-91455-154-4 14002276
Stitch Magic
Ideas and Interpretation
Beaney, Jan / Littlejohn, Jean E 978-1-88968-243-3 14002412
Blackwork Embroidery
Design & Zechnique
Pascoe, Margaret E 0-7134-5145-9 14000489
Quick Country Christmas Quilts
Mumm, Debbie E 978-0-87596-653-5 14002565
The Heirloom Quilt
Filson, Yolande 7 Przybylski, Roberta E 1-56477-072-9 14000624
A Colorful Book
Porcella, Yvonne E 0-936589-00-0 14000752
Great Patchwork: Working with Triangles
Bannon, Maryanne E 0-696-00087-3 14000880
Amish Abstractions
Quilts from the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown
Smucker, Janneken / Shaw, Robert / Cunningham, Joe E 0-7649-5165-3 14001264
Follow the Dots to Dazzling Quilts
Segna, Joan / Crow, Jayme E 1-56477-597-6 14001392
State Capitals Quilt Blocks
50 Patchwork Patterns from Hesrth & Home Magazine
Bannister, Barbara / Ford, Edna Paris E 0-486-23557-2 14001484
Contemporary Designs in Fabric
Quilt National E 0-937274-85-2 14001744
Say it with Quilts
McClun, Diana E 9781571200235 14000021
Be Attitudes
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002109
Honoring the season
Onoyama, Takako E 9781564771698 14000163
The making of a Baltimore Album Quilt
Belton, Frances E 14002244
The Nature of Design
A Quilt Artist'S Personal Journal
Colvin, Joan E 744527102471 14000307
Fast-Folder Flower Quilts and Bags
30 Projects for You and Your Home
Farson, Laura E 0-87349-725-2 14000449
Quilts and Quilting
A Creative Guide
Turpin-Delport, Lesley E 1-85368-200-4 14002381
The Fiberarts Book of Wearable Art
Aimone, Katherine D. E 1-57990-515-3 14000450
The Quilt That Walked to Golden
Women and Quilts in the Mountain West
Dallas, Sandra / Simonds, Nanette E 978-0-9721218-3-8 14002655
Patchwork and Quilting, book No. 1
Fassett, Kaffe E 0-9525375-2-4 14000721
Appliqué! Appliqué!! Appliqué!!!
Sinema, Laurene E 14000977
Art Deco Stained Glass
91 Designs for Workable Projects
Sibbett, Ed. Jr. E 0-486-23550-5 14001233
Fantasy Floral Quilts
creating with silk flowers
McCaffery, Bonnie Lyn E 1-56477-387-6 14001361
Glimpses of New Zealand
Lawther, Gail E 0-9553499-3-1 14001453
Quilt Designs from the Thirties
Nephew, Sara E 0-486-28156-6 14001713
Fiberarts Design Book Four
Orban, Nancy E 0-937274-56-9 14001848
Pink Ribbon Quilts
A Book Because of Breast Cancer
Dietrich, Mimi E 1-56477-279-9 14002206
Start quilting
Six Projects for First-Time Quilters
Anderson, Alex E 1-57120-167-X 14000272
Quilted Havens
City Houses, Country Homes
Purney-Mark, Susan / Greig, Daphne E 1-57432-731-3 14002344
Embellishing concepts in Sulky©
Rayon and Metallic Decorative Threads
Drexler, Fred & Joyce E 727072900983 14000414
Stitch, Fabric & Thread
Healey, Elizabeth E 978-3-78221-285-0 14002493
Tried and True
New Qutlts from Favorite Blocks
Bonsib, Sandy E 1-56477-602-6 14000559
Heirloom Miniatures
Gravatt, Tina M. E 0-89145-957-X 14000689
The Fiberarts Design Book II
From the Staff of Fiberats Magazine
Hutchins, Jeane E 0-937274-07-0 14000817
Quilt Treasures
The Quilters' Guild Haritage Search
The Quilter's Guild E 0-9564789-0-5 14001073
Reverse Appliqué with no brakez
Mullen, Jan E 1-57120-200-5 14001421
Rotary Roundup
40 Fast and Fabulious Quilts
Hopkins, Judy / Martin, Nancy J. E 1-56477-028-1 14001681
Biblical Blocks
Makhan, Rosemary E 1-56477-044-3 14001812
felt furnishings
25 accessories for contemporary homes
Quinn, Anne Kyyrö E 9781906417147 14001945
Art/Quilt Magazine, Heft 3
Young, Lynn Lewis E 14000093
The Art of Elegant Hand Embroiderey
Embellishment and Appliqué
Vaine, Janice E ISBN 978-1-935726-02-9 14002174
Gallery of American Quilts, 3
American Quilter's Society E 9780891458012 14000235
5-10-15+Fat Quarters
Stauffer, Jeanne E 978-1-59217-299-3 14002453
Butterfly Pattern Collection
Hatch, Sandra E 14000657
The Quilting Primer
Frager, Dorothy E 0-8019-6817-5 14000913
Kids making Quilts for Kids
A young person's guide for having fun while helping others
ABC Quilts E 0-913327-36-0 14001169
You can be a super quilter
A Teach-Yourself Manual For Beginners
Hassel, Carla J. E 0-87069-294-1 14001297
Srap Mania
More Quick-Pieced Scrap Quilts
Schneider, Sally E 1-56477-050-8 14001649
Mollie Makes
Patchwork & Quilting
Watson, Lara E 1-909397-28-8 14001777
Kata Golda's Hand-Stiched Felt
25 Whimsical Sewing Projects
Golda, Kata E 978-1-58479-798-2 14001913
Quilts: the permanent collektion MAQS
American Quilter's Society E 9780891459750 14000056
Diamond Quilts & beyond
From The Basics To Dazzling Designs
Krentz, Jan E 1-57120-240-4 14002142
A thimbleberries housewarming
Jensen, Lynette E 9781571201003 14000202
How to improve your quilting stitch
Simms, Ami E 0-943079-00-4 14000344
Mother plays with dolls
... and finds an important key to unlocking creativity
Bailey, Eleanor Peace E 0-939009-39-0 14000490
Quick Country Quilting
Mumm, Debbie E 978-0-87857-985-2 14002566
The New Sampler Quilt
Leone, Diana E 0-942786-41-6 14000625
The State of the Art Quilt:
Contemporary Quilts for the Collector
Packer, Barbara E 14000753
Borders & Finishing Touches
Browning, Bonnie K. E 0-89145-899-9 14001393
Nine-Patch Blocks & Quilts for the ScrapSaver
Hopkins, Judy E 1-56477-001-X 14001485
Laurel Burch Quilts Kindred Creatures
Burch, Laurel E 1-57120-160-2 14001616
Quilt Visions 2004
Celebrating the Art of Quilt
Sevier, Patti E 0-9724664-1-X 14001745
The ultimate book of quilt labels
Clabo, Margo E 9781564771469 14000022
Easy Does It For Spring
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002110
Flora Botaniqua
Quilts from the Spencer Museum of Art
Brackman, Barbara E 978-1-935362-04-3 14002245
Through The Year
Halvorsen, Nancy E 14002111
From a quilter`s garden
Swain, Gabrielle E 9781564771711 14000165
String Quilts
10 Fun Patterns for Innovating and Renovating
Campbell, Elsie M. E 978-1-56148-675-5 14002246
Maschine Needlelace
and Other Embellishment Techniques
Simmons Judy E 9781564771629 14000309
Quilt Artistry
Inspired Designs From the East
Jinzenji, Yoshiko E 4-7700-1756-7 14000451
Treasures in the Trunk
Quilts of the Oregon Trail
Bywater Cross, Mary E 978-1-55853-237-3 14002656
Wood & Wire
Kievlan, Jean E 14001106
Victorian Quilting
A Collection of 30 Projects for the Home
Vanassa-Ann Collection E 0-345-36404-x 14001234
Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts
Lintott, Pam / Lintott, Nicky E 0-7153-3756-4 14001362
The Art Of Landscape Quilting
Zieman, Nancy / Sewell, Natalie E 0-89689-314-6 14001585
The Framer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt
Hird, Laurie Aaron E 1-440-24146-5 14001849